Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snowed In

I grew up in Illinois and Indiana. Throughout my lifetime, I have seen my fair share of snow falls. However, since my move to the South, it has become somewhat of a mythical form of precipitation for me. I hear tall tales of it from my mom in Michigan, and believe I can recall my own memories, but have also begun to question my sanity regarding the fluffy, white stuff. But, this past weekend, my snow fantasies were once again realized!

Nashville was bombarded with multiple inches of snow! This wasn't just "a lot for the area." This was worthy of even you Northeners to ooh and aah over. We honestly couldn't open our doors without a good heave to shove the piled snow out of the way. It was beautiful!

Since our driveway is pretty steep, and the neighbors we share it with have a couple of kids, all of the children in the neighborhood gathered together to sled down our "hill." We were cracking up at their makeshift sleds made of trashcan lids. Not the metal lids. No, that kind of sense would require experience in this sledding field. These were the Rubbermaid lids with handles and everything. We noticed as the day wore on, many of the lids developed mysterious holes in the middle of them. Hopefully, their parents won't be too upset. We also enjoyed the incriminating evidence of multiple "doughnuts" performed in our cul-de-sac. Oh the joys of snow. :)
The snow started falling early Friday morning, and it was nice and fluffy and wonderful. However, by nightfall, the soft flakes rudely transformed into harsh, constant ice that continued through until the morning. These pictures of Chester were taking on the separate days. See how you can recognize his footprints in the snow on Friday? By Saturday morning, his little body didn't weigh enough to break through the inch and a half of solid ice. (You should have seen him trying to find a place to go potty! Brad eventually had to break the ice and clear an area of snow for the grass to show through before he recognized his "bathroom." It was hilarious.)

Unfortunately, the one thing the North has going for it that the South lacks (yes, there's only one thing) is the capability to adapt to snowfall on the roads. Let's just face it, Nashville is wonderful, but they sure don't have a multitude of snow plows on hand to dispatch at the first sign of a snowflake. As a result of the ice, combined with Nashville's lack of road clearing skills, we were pretty much legitimately snowed in for the entire weekend. I'm talking, even church services were cancelled.

Three full days alone with my husband and no obligations or distractions? Ah, shucks.

And after we rented a handful of movies from Blockbuster, purchased our gallon of milk, and confirmed that we had a substantial amount of junk food on hand, we were prepared for just such an emergency. We spent the days staying up and sleeping in as late as we wanted, cuddling together on the couch under multiple blankets, eating an entire jar of salsa with chips, watching movie after movie as well as oh-so-many DVR'd episodes of Criminal Minds, and enjoying each others undivided attention.

Really, why can't we get snow and ice every weekend??

Oh yeah, the drive to work this week; that's why... Boo.



That sounds WONDERFUL! Sadly, I got used to those in Chicago and now they are pretty much non existant. Im so happy you guys got so much time together! J and I did that this week with him recouperating from his knee surgery and boy did we both get spoiled! Now I can't wait for the next one. :) Hope the roads are better now!

Erin Howell said...

I love all the beautiful snow! I'm glad you were able to spend it relaxing at home. that's the very best!

Bryan said...

Tell Brad not to eat the yellow snow...

Jamie Frankum said...

It was a wonderful weekend!!! I'm glad you guys soaked it up!!! :-)

emily said...

love all of those pictures! i know chester had fun!!

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