Monday, May 31, 2010


On this Memorial Day, what better way is there to honor our country and those who have risked and even lost their lives defending it, than by displaying an American flag on our house?

I love that it boldly declares our patriotism to our nation as well as makes our house feel more like a well established home.

Thank you, men and women of the armed forces, for enabling the Mehaffey family to live The American Dream. 

Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

I hope you all have a great extended weekend!  Memorial Day, along with Independence Day, are some of my favorite holidays, because there are no obligations other than enjoying time with family. And the weekend's events oftentimes include gathering with people you love around a grill, which is my fave.

However, whatever you do this Memorial Day, try not to forget to actually remember what the holiday is truly about. We are so blessed to live in such a great nation. Let's give thanks to the One who gives all good things for the veterans who fought, especially those who have lost their lives, to defend what we take for granted every day. Those who really paid the price for our freedom..

With that being said, do you have any awesome plans for the trio of days off? Brad's working all weekend (overtime, holiday pay is hard to pass up), but my dad is coming down to spend the weekend with us! I'm so excited. I'm confident we'll have a Hill Ridge cookout in the street. Bring it on. Are you traveling and/or throwing open that grill, too?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

When I grow up...

This is totally going to be Brad and me someday:

We obviously have high aspirations.

Brad thinks that minivans are uber lame, but I do believe that the Sienna Family has clearly debunked that myth. You can totally be ultra hip haulin' around a couple of kids in your Swagger Wagon, and that is exactly what I intend to do someday.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Those who knew me way back in college when my relationship with Brad was still in its toddlerhood will remember me wearing my beloved "Soon to be Mrs. Mehaffey" sweatshirt (constantly) throughout our year and a half engagement. If you didn't know me then, but have been reading my blog for over a year, you might remember when I passed the torch onto Heather after she and Matthew got engaged.

Once Jeremy proposed, it was a given that Madison would inherit the coveted hand-me-down. She anticipated it so much that she totally expected the gift and wasn't surprised at all. Not even a little. But that definitely didn't hinder her excitement! Ever since they got engaged a couple of months ago, she had been patiently and anxiously awaiting the receipt of the proclamation apparel, and the suspense had been killing her.

Finally, Heather and I, as Mrs. Mehaffeys, had a chance to present the rite of passage to the last Soon to be Mrs. Mehaffey of our generation, happily welcoming her into our family. It's still a bitter sweet feeling for me to pass it on. It was such a prominent fixture in such a wonderful period of my life. But I love the tradition, and I love her, and I'll definitely love seeing her wearing the billboard and embracing her future of life as a Mehaffey.

Their wedding date is set for June 2011, giving her plenty of time to savor the soon-to-be-ness before it ceases to apply. After that, I guess it'll go into storage only to be brought back out when the first of our sons finds his own One And Only and pops the question, himself. (*sniff* just thinking about it...)

Brad had no idea that he had created a lasting family heirloom when he gave it to me after he proposed way back in 2003. I love that. I love traditions, and I love family. And I love loving marriage. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Livin' like kings

I'm blessed to have been married into a really wonderful family. We Mehaffeys thoroughly enjoy spending quality time together. At least once a year, the Mehaffey men bring their women along for a big camping trip. We always have such a great time hanging out, relaxing, reading, fishing, napping, enjoying nature, etc. Pre-Brad, I'm not sure I would have ever imagined myself as the "camping type," but he and the rest of the men in his family just make it so easy for us.

His parents have really embraced the hobby, lately, and have been perfecting the science of camping. They basically keep their camper constantly packed, ensuring that it is already prepared for the next excursion. With all of their tools and supplies readily at hand, camping is a breeze. And really, we're not roughin' it, too bad. I mean, even though Matthew and Heather and Brad and I slept in the tent, the camper had AC, a stove (for baking brownies), hot water and a working restroom all close by.

Honestly, I think we probably eat better when we're camping than we do when we're at home. (Actually, I'm pretty positive of it.) The boys love cooking over a campfire. We have big breakfasts every morning with pancakes or french toast, bacon, sausage, or even scrambled eggs. Dinner always involves Don's specialty, Dijon Chicken and cheesy potatoes or fried potatoes, sometimes even toasted rolls. You can't beat that family meal together!

I love camping. I love spending time with people that I love. I love relaxing. I love that there are no presumptions or expectations to be clean and straighten your hair. I love hearing the crackling and watching the glow of a campfire late at night. I love being surrounded by God's Creation. I love waking up to the sound of birds and the smell of bacon over the fire. I love fierce competitions over cornhole and ladder ball. I love the feeling I get when I totally catch an awesome fish! And I especially love my husband. *sigh*

However, I do not love the mosquito bites that still last days after you're home, causing you to keep a tube of Benadryl cream in your purse at all times. Oh well, I guess it's the price you pay...

What's your favorite summer time activity? Have you begun it, yet? Are you generally a camper? If not, what in the world is holding you back?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Movin' On Up!

Our friend, Wes, who works for the Army National Guard doing awesome, secret, weapon, bomb-related, risky business, got news this week that he received a promotion!

He's been really hoping for it, and we've all been praying about it for weeks. Once it became official, we couldn't help but join them to celebrate the good news!

His precious wife, Stacey, organized a little surprise congratulations party for him last night at Pei Wei. Yum. He was genuinely surprised, and thoroughly enjoyed his delicious "You Rock!" cake.

Kris and I barged our way into their other group of friends, consisting mostly of fellow Physician Assistant students (Stacey is currently in PA school).

Here's the rockin' group shot. That's Maci, Kris, and Wes in the back, then me, Stacey, Jill and Stephen. (Maci and Stephen are the fellow PA's, and Jill is Stephen's wife.) Don't worry, we notified our new friends that while Kris and I were, indeed, married, we weren't actually married to each other, even though we did arrive together. I guess that's what happens when both of our spouses work evening jobs.

Oh, and I also notified Maci that we were not permitted to become too good of friends, because I have plans of naming our future daughter Maci, someday. (Had to find a backup since Jeremy's marrying Madison, which had always been my first choice.) Anyway, I digress... We really had a great time celebrating with great friends, as well as making new friends, and we were totally honored to be included.

Wes, we're so proud of you! You totally deserve all kinds of recognition, because we all know how hard you work!  Lots and lots of Congratulations!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Waste not want not

I guess you could say we're frugal. In an effort to conserve money, we buy many stock items in bulk. Including Chester's dog food.

We buy 35 pounds at a time of the special lamb and rice blend that not only promises to shine his coat, but also avoids his corn allergy. He gets less than a cup a day, and rarely empties his dish, so the bulk supply lasts for months and months.

As a result, the empty bag only comes around about once a year.

Even though it's just his regular ol' dry kibble, when the bag is empty, is the treat of a lifetime.

He eagerly crawls all the way inside of it and licks the entire surface, savoring the flavor of the nutritious, lamby, ricey goodness.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We Are Nashville

So, I never like to be a Debbie Downer, and dwell on negative issues, but this flood is real life for us. We can't escape it. It blows my mind to think that there are some people in America who don't even know that it happened. It's all around us...

And really, I'm not bringing it back up to dwell on the negative, but to bring attention to all of the positive! In light of all of this, I can't help but be so very proud of my city. We truly are blessed to be surrounded by such caring, compassionate, giving, loving, Godly people who gladly and willingly take such great care of one another.

People wonder why disasters like these occur; why bad things happen to good people. Look at the opportunity God has allowed to show and spread His Love! Look at Him taking care of His children, through His children. Without such a catastophe, there wouldn't be the possibility for Him to demonstrate His love for us in the aftermath.

God is good. In everything, God is good.

videos from here

Monday, May 17, 2010

One week old

Since I totally can't get enough of little Charlie Joy, I figured you couldn't possibly, either. Here's a little treat from her papa:

That stretch makes me melt into a puddle of mush every time I watch it! Oh, I can't wait to hold her again!!

(Holy moly, what is it going to be like when we have our own baby? You guys are going to get soooo tired of us! Consider yourself warned; you have an indefinite amount of time to prepare yourselves...)

What's your favorite thing about a new baby? I love their soft skin, their "baby smell," and those sweet little grunting noises they make all the time.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Now, that's what I'm talking about!

Aren't those rocking chairs just so, incredibly inviting? Don't you just want to grab an ice cold glass of lemonade and enjoy the day away in this serene location? I know I do. And guess what. I can!

My parents went in together and gave me (money to buy) these for my birthday. I found a place nearby that builds these sets for super cheap. They're still unfinished, and Brad (let's just be honest here. We both know it won't be me.) will have to stain them, but for the price, it was totally worth it.

After we brought them home, we immediately plopped ourselves down on them just to get a feel for our new setting. Within moments, my eyes welled up with tears. It's just so surreal. I've always dreamed of having a front porch (with spindles) occupied by quaint little rocking chairs. And to sit on our new thrones at the front of our very own house was just such a wonderful feeling. It's really happening.

Every day, I still can't believe how much God has blessed us. This is our home. Our wonderful home. And I love it.

PS. What do you think of Brad's landscaping? He's totally become obsessed gotten into it and has done such a great job! You should see pictures of it when the magnolia bush, rhododendron, lilies, and azaleas were all in bloom. Beautiful!

PPS. Oh, also notice that he painted our front door. Now it's not just boring white, anymore. If you want to see all the rest of the pictures of our other "home improvements," check out the whole album. The pictures are in chronological order, so the most recent ones are at the end.

Not-A-PS. It's Friday! I hope you totally enjoy your weekend. Do you have any awesome plans? Maybe you'll get the chance to spend a little time relaxing on your front porch, or stoop, or step, or whatever you happen to have.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Without Further Adieu

Please allow me to deliver to you, what Charles delivered to us, which Emily actually delivered...

Join the paparazzi family in welcoming to the world

Charlie Joy!! She's perfect!!

Look at Charles, with his dad, being a dad, adoring the heck out of his new baby girl. Precious.

A quick kiss while the new one is in the nursery.

And look at this adorable picture Emily later texted to me of the new mommy-daughter combo.

Now, here is some real eye candy for ya. These are super cute pictures that Em took of her sweet baby girl, yesterday. Get ready for some serious aww factor!

Look at this beautiful, blessed family of three.

♥  Knew you'd love her.  :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm So Totally Hip

Okay, so maybe not. I'm actually located way outside of the Hiposphere. I prefer to still consider myself not-old, but the more and more I think to myself "Man, they are so young," the older I feel. I'd like to write off the Junior Highsters of America as "babies," but it turns out, they're the ones defining pop culture, right now. A pop culture of which, I'm so out of the loop.

Exhibit A: Lady Gaga is everywhere! (And so is Justin Beiber. Who is this kid? I've seen a picture, and he's so young!! What's with "Beiber Fever"??) I don't know anything about Lady Gaga. I hardly even know that she's a singer/artist/whatever. All I really know about her, is that she dresses super weird. Seriously, do a google image search. She's weird. I had been content to let this be the extent of my Gaga knowledge, but it appears as though she's taking over the world! For real. And I don't want to be left behind. I think it's time I put her strange fashion style aside and listen to a few of her songs. There's got to be something about her that's attracting all of these fans...

Speaking of Gaga fans, and young people, check out this kid performing her song "Paparazzi" at his school's 6th grade festival.

Whoa, talk about talent. And at such a young age! I'm impressed. If Ms. Gaga is any bit as good as this little dude, I might enjoy her music, after all.

Looks like from here on out, it's going to actually take legit effort for me to keep up with mainstream pop culture. I don't talk about MTV in the school cafeteria anymore, so I guess I'll have to rely on youtube. Man, when did I get so old??

You Are My Sunshine

Did you know that daisies are wild flowers?? Or else, did you at least know that there are some wild flowers out there that look just like daisies? Brad doesn't seem to think that these flowers growing behind our house are technically daisies, but I don't really care...

That didn't stop me from clipping a bunch of them and bringing the joy inside! Is there anything happier than a daisy?? I don't think so. Every time I see them beautifying our dining room table, I smile real big and get all warm-fuzzy inside.

Not only does it make our house feel so much more homey, but I can't help but be reminded of how very good God is. He not only created Beauty itself, but He also blessed us with the opportunity to see Him and His beauty throughout all of nature. And He was nice (and sneaky) enough to randomly plant little love notes in our very own back yard! He loves us that much...

If I get the chance to gather up some of that happiness in a bundle and bring it into my house, you better believe I'm gunna.

What about you? In what ways and things do you most easily see God's beauty? How does He most often show His love uniquely to you?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good-bye, tummy. Hello, Mommy!

Bring on the joy! CHARLIE JOY that is. She's here!!!

Charlie Joy was delivered, via C-Section, at 8:52 PM on Monday, May 10, 2010. She is 21" long, weighs 8lbs, 8oz, and has a full head of dark hair.

In short, she's perfect. Absolutely breathtaking. Precious. Adorable. Wonderful. Beautiful. Perfect. (I'm sure you'll be swarmed with pictures of her soon enough, and then you'll know for yourself.) Basically, I. love. her.

Charles is the proudest papa ever. It's so stinking cute. Emily is doing well, she's just completely exhausted. And starving.

And I'm so excited to be an aunt again! Well, we aren't technically related, but as often as Brad and I will be around, she'll never know the difference. I can't wait to love on and spoil the newest addition to the Hill Ridge Crew.

Praise God for a healthy baby!!

(What good is a birthday without a cake??)
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