Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Waste not want not

I guess you could say we're frugal. In an effort to conserve money, we buy many stock items in bulk. Including Chester's dog food.

We buy 35 pounds at a time of the special lamb and rice blend that not only promises to shine his coat, but also avoids his corn allergy. He gets less than a cup a day, and rarely empties his dish, so the bulk supply lasts for months and months.

As a result, the empty bag only comes around about once a year.

Even though it's just his regular ol' dry kibble, when the bag is empty, is the treat of a lifetime.

He eagerly crawls all the way inside of it and licks the entire surface, savoring the flavor of the nutritious, lamby, ricey goodness.


Dad said...

I just LOVE my grand-dog! Anybody that sees him can't help but SMILE! :)

Lindsey said...

Oh he's totally going to be my best friend this weekend! Maybe you should just bring the bag to my house too :)

Chara said...

That is absolutely hysterical!

Leslie said...

look at his cute little butt sticking out. i love you chester!

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