Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Livin' like kings

I'm blessed to have been married into a really wonderful family. We Mehaffeys thoroughly enjoy spending quality time together. At least once a year, the Mehaffey men bring their women along for a big camping trip. We always have such a great time hanging out, relaxing, reading, fishing, napping, enjoying nature, etc. Pre-Brad, I'm not sure I would have ever imagined myself as the "camping type," but he and the rest of the men in his family just make it so easy for us.

His parents have really embraced the hobby, lately, and have been perfecting the science of camping. They basically keep their camper constantly packed, ensuring that it is already prepared for the next excursion. With all of their tools and supplies readily at hand, camping is a breeze. And really, we're not roughin' it, too bad. I mean, even though Matthew and Heather and Brad and I slept in the tent, the camper had AC, a stove (for baking brownies), hot water and a working restroom all close by.

Honestly, I think we probably eat better when we're camping than we do when we're at home. (Actually, I'm pretty positive of it.) The boys love cooking over a campfire. We have big breakfasts every morning with pancakes or french toast, bacon, sausage, or even scrambled eggs. Dinner always involves Don's specialty, Dijon Chicken and cheesy potatoes or fried potatoes, sometimes even toasted rolls. You can't beat that family meal together!

I love camping. I love spending time with people that I love. I love relaxing. I love that there are no presumptions or expectations to be clean and straighten your hair. I love hearing the crackling and watching the glow of a campfire late at night. I love being surrounded by God's Creation. I love waking up to the sound of birds and the smell of bacon over the fire. I love fierce competitions over cornhole and ladder ball. I love the feeling I get when I totally catch an awesome fish! And I especially love my husband. *sigh*

However, I do not love the mosquito bites that still last days after you're home, causing you to keep a tube of Benadryl cream in your purse at all times. Oh well, I guess it's the price you pay...

What's your favorite summer time activity? Have you begun it, yet? Are you generally a camper? If not, what in the world is holding you back?


Chara said...

I completely agree- i love camping. We don't use a camper, though... and I do all the cooking. We haven't actually been since I was 6 mos pregnant, and I miss it.

Remind me someday to tell you all about the time Josh took me camping 50 yards away from a bear sanctuary.

Heather said...

I heart camping too! I love that we do it at least once a year...if not more! We do have the best campsite ever! Now that I am a pro and understand cornhole...I love that too! And the best food ever...

The only thing I hate...those pesky mosquito bites! My legs are covered! :(

Madison said...

please notice in the top picture how every boys hands are in the same place on the girls hips. yay, me and jerms aren't the daters in the dating evolution picture anymore!

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