Monday, May 10, 2010

Babies, Babies Everywhere

This past weekend, we got to see our college friends, Corey and Jenny, at their Nashville baby shower! Even though they live in Alabama, they have enough friends in Music City, that they were willing to come here for a shower instead of asking all of us to go down there. Very nice of them, huh? It was great to get to visit with them and other old friends we don't see very often (even though we all live here...).

I just love pregnant bellies! Look how stinking cute she (and Ashley) are!!

Speaking of Pregnant bellies... Here are a few of my other pregnant friends (a few, not nearly all). This is a picture of Emily, Brittany, and EmJ that was taken about two weeks ago. Can you believe Emily is still pregnant?? Well, not for long! She was due on the 1st of May, and they are inducing her right now!! Tomorrow, I'll have little baby pictures to brag about!!! Yahoo!!!

Speaking of bragging about baby pictures... My work friend, Jennifer, gave birth to her baby girl last Thursday night (4 minutes away from being Friday morning)! Of course, we girls had to go visit her on our lunch break! Oh, she's just adorable. I could have held her forever....

Oh my goodness, I'm totally surrounded by babies, and I love it! More and more of them are starting to come out of the belly. Finally! I've been whining about how selfish these mommies are being, never letting me hold them at all for 10 whole months!!

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