Thursday, May 20, 2010

Movin' On Up!

Our friend, Wes, who works for the Army National Guard doing awesome, secret, weapon, bomb-related, risky business, got news this week that he received a promotion!

He's been really hoping for it, and we've all been praying about it for weeks. Once it became official, we couldn't help but join them to celebrate the good news!

His precious wife, Stacey, organized a little surprise congratulations party for him last night at Pei Wei. Yum. He was genuinely surprised, and thoroughly enjoyed his delicious "You Rock!" cake.

Kris and I barged our way into their other group of friends, consisting mostly of fellow Physician Assistant students (Stacey is currently in PA school).

Here's the rockin' group shot. That's Maci, Kris, and Wes in the back, then me, Stacey, Jill and Stephen. (Maci and Stephen are the fellow PA's, and Jill is Stephen's wife.) Don't worry, we notified our new friends that while Kris and I were, indeed, married, we weren't actually married to each other, even though we did arrive together. I guess that's what happens when both of our spouses work evening jobs.

Oh, and I also notified Maci that we were not permitted to become too good of friends, because I have plans of naming our future daughter Maci, someday. (Had to find a backup since Jeremy's marrying Madison, which had always been my first choice.) Anyway, I digress... We really had a great time celebrating with great friends, as well as making new friends, and we were totally honored to be included.

Wes, we're so proud of you! You totally deserve all kinds of recognition, because we all know how hard you work!  Lots and lots of Congratulations!

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Kristen said...

I don't think I've ever met Wes, but I know his sweet wife. She was teaching exercise classes for awhile before they left Henderson and was a great teacher! And Jeremy and I actually met Wes' grandmother just a few weeks ago - in Chattanooga - she's a good friend of Jeremy's grandmother. How many times do I say, "Small world!"?? A whole stinkin' lot. =) Congrats to them for the promotion...and congrats to them for having you guys as good friends!

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