Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Those who knew me way back in college when my relationship with Brad was still in its toddlerhood will remember me wearing my beloved "Soon to be Mrs. Mehaffey" sweatshirt (constantly) throughout our year and a half engagement. If you didn't know me then, but have been reading my blog for over a year, you might remember when I passed the torch onto Heather after she and Matthew got engaged.

Once Jeremy proposed, it was a given that Madison would inherit the coveted hand-me-down. She anticipated it so much that she totally expected the gift and wasn't surprised at all. Not even a little. But that definitely didn't hinder her excitement! Ever since they got engaged a couple of months ago, she had been patiently and anxiously awaiting the receipt of the proclamation apparel, and the suspense had been killing her.

Finally, Heather and I, as Mrs. Mehaffeys, had a chance to present the rite of passage to the last Soon to be Mrs. Mehaffey of our generation, happily welcoming her into our family. It's still a bitter sweet feeling for me to pass it on. It was such a prominent fixture in such a wonderful period of my life. But I love the tradition, and I love her, and I'll definitely love seeing her wearing the billboard and embracing her future of life as a Mehaffey.

Their wedding date is set for June 2011, giving her plenty of time to savor the soon-to-be-ness before it ceases to apply. After that, I guess it'll go into storage only to be brought back out when the first of our sons finds his own One And Only and pops the question, himself. (*sniff* just thinking about it...)

Brad had no idea that he had created a lasting family heirloom when he gave it to me after he proposed way back in 2003. I love that. I love traditions, and I love family. And I love loving marriage. 


Heather said...

Ok...don't mean to comment on all your blogs today (even though I know you totally love comments), but I have to comment on this too!

It was so sweet to get the "Soon to be Mrs. Mehaffey" sweatshirt! I wish it could have been just as much of a surprise for Madison as it was for me. But let's be honest, waiting and being so excited you got it is just as good! I can't wait for her to love marrying one of those Mehaffey boys just as much as we do! I love Madison and can't wait for her to officially become a Mehaffey sister! I love that you'll keep the sweatshirt for your sons! Presh!

Thanks for loving marriage too! I heart you for that!

Darlene said...

what a cute tradition!

Kristen said...

This post made me smile. =) I sooo remember that hoodie and how you loved it and wore it often. How special that it's now being passed down to a third future Mrs. Mehaffey.

Madison said...

I'm glad you Mehaffeys like me!! I like ya'll too! I can't wait to be an official member of the Mehaffey family (and the Christmas photo)!

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