Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm So Totally Hip

Okay, so maybe not. I'm actually located way outside of the Hiposphere. I prefer to still consider myself not-old, but the more and more I think to myself "Man, they are so young," the older I feel. I'd like to write off the Junior Highsters of America as "babies," but it turns out, they're the ones defining pop culture, right now. A pop culture of which, I'm so out of the loop.

Exhibit A: Lady Gaga is everywhere! (And so is Justin Beiber. Who is this kid? I've seen a picture, and he's so young!! What's with "Beiber Fever"??) I don't know anything about Lady Gaga. I hardly even know that she's a singer/artist/whatever. All I really know about her, is that she dresses super weird. Seriously, do a google image search. She's weird. I had been content to let this be the extent of my Gaga knowledge, but it appears as though she's taking over the world! For real. And I don't want to be left behind. I think it's time I put her strange fashion style aside and listen to a few of her songs. There's got to be something about her that's attracting all of these fans...

Speaking of Gaga fans, and young people, check out this kid performing her song "Paparazzi" at his school's 6th grade festival.

Whoa, talk about talent. And at such a young age! I'm impressed. If Ms. Gaga is any bit as good as this little dude, I might enjoy her music, after all.

Looks like from here on out, it's going to actually take legit effort for me to keep up with mainstream pop culture. I don't talk about MTV in the school cafeteria anymore, so I guess I'll have to rely on youtube. Man, when did I get so old??


Kristen said...

They actually did a Lady GaGa-esque video during Makin' Music this year! It was pretty funny...but so many people didn't know who she was. For instance, my mom leaned over afterwards and said, "What was that about?" And I explained who they were mimicking...and then she nodded knowingly and said, "Yes, I've heard of her." Oh, Phyllis. ;)

You'll have to find the video on FHU's website. When you get to my MM review of this year (during your big-time catching up), there will be some links and you can find it there. =)

Kristen said...

P.S. Posted that first comment before I watched the video. Wow. Just wow. That kid is crazy good! Put him on American Idol stat!

And may not believe this, but Paparazzi can be found in my iTunes listings. Now...that's the only one I have so don't freak out on me! I actually like that song a lot, but you're right - she is sooo strange.

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