Friday, March 12, 2010

Charlie Joy's Shower

This past Sunday, a group of girls from our Life Group had the privilege of throwing Emily a baby shower to celebrate the anticipated arrival of her precious Charlie Joy! I was thrilled to be able to organize a party for my best friend (and now, neighbor) who so deserves to be spoiled, as well as my upcoming "niece."

Of course, we kept the decorations simple, elegant, and pink! Emily's girly, and Charlie is, too! (Only, she doesn't quite know it yet.)

Emily and Charlie Joy were showered with soooo many great gifts! Her nursery is already overflowing! It's a good thing she has a couple more months to get everything in order!

I wasn't even the one being showered with gifts, but I still recognized what a blessing our Tusculum church family is. The women (and men) of this congregation are so incredibly generous and loving. I'm so happy to be continually surrounded by such God-imitating people.

Emily, I can't wait to meet your little girl!! I love her already!!


Erin Howell said...

Mindy - Looks like you did an awesome job putting together the shower! It was gorgeous! Miss you girls!

emily said...

the shower was so much fun and was sooooo beautiful!!! you girls did a great job! i LOVE you!!!

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