Friday, February 15, 2013

Blessed Valentine

My hubby surprised me with the sweetest gifts this Valentine's Day! Instead of a traditional bouquet of flowers, which I always love, he upped the ante by giving me a live, potted orchid! I've been drooling over live orchids for years, but I've never gotten one, because we already have a fake orchid plant in our house. But Brad thought I'd like one for my desk at work. He was right!

And to top it off, he also gave me heart-shaped fruit snacks! (Confession: I may eat Chester's body weight in fruit snacks a day. No judging.) My favorite treats full of extra love! Now this is a guy who knows his way to my heart.
I'm a regular ol' girl, so I thoroughly enjoy receiving some flowers and chocolates for Valentine's Day. But these gifts mean even more, because they're unique to me. He knows me and what I'd like, and he gifted me items accordingly. Only my hubs would know to get me these specific presents, not just some random Joe Shmoe from the street. It's nice to feel special. And known. And loved. What a blessed wife I am. ♥


emily said...

Seriously, I may come visit you at work so I can steal that beautiful flower!!! Oh my!


i did not know they made heart shaped fruit snacks! you have a pretty special husband but thats because you are a special girl!

love that your blogging a bit more again lately. ive missed you friend :)

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