Friday, May 29, 2009

In the Meantime

While the guys did all of that hard labor in the back over Memorial Day weekend, the girls relaxed inside with some pedicures. Yep, you heard that right! Pedicures! For some reason (hey, we're not complaining), Don, had a lady come by the house to give all of the girls some pampering! Jennifer, the pedicurist, brought the spa straight to us, and Madison, Elaine, Aunt Medina (who we had to yank away from the deck work) and I thoroughly enjoyed the special treatment.

You may not believe me, but getting a pedicure is harder than you'd think! First of all, I was too short to even put my feet in the foot bath. (What's new?) So, my wonderful mother-in-law fashioned a little Mindy-Lounger with about 5 pillows. Crisis one: averted. Everything was going swell until she whipped out that PedEgg. She started rubbing that thing on the bottom of my feet and I started squirming! I'm extremely ticklish, and that was simply unbearable! I held my breath and sucked it up and finally came out (alive) on the other side with silky smooth feet. I guess it was worth it, but it sure was some hard work. (BTW, notice Chester. Yep, he drank the spa water. Luckily it was before my feet could reach it.) Each of the girls took turns being washed, clipped, shaped, rubbed, exfoliated, massaged, PedEgged, and painted. We felt like royalty. Unshowered royalty.
We each chose a different shade of red to adorn our newly sculpted toes. (We missed you, Heather!!)
Aunt Medina and Uncle Paul brought a boatload of Wisconsin Cheese down with them for their visit. Elaine and I cut the cheese (bahahahahahaha!!) while Madison made some labels to help us un-cheese-educated folk distinguish the many flavors. Yum!

Once it was too dark to do any more deck construction, we all got cleaned up and walked (led by Chester) to the local ice cream stop, Dari-Licious. Wow, talk about some memories. This was the hang out spot when we were in high school. Brad was in Heaven as he enjoyed his all-time favorite treat in the world, that you can only get at Dari-Licious, the famous Smurf-Berry Shake. We gathered around the picnic table and enjoyed the scrumptious treats and incredible weather, as well as the wonderful time spent with family.
We had a great, productive (guys), relaxing (girls) Memorial day weekend with the family. What a blessing.

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Bryan said...

I have to say I'm a little disappointed by the lack of real wisconsin cheddar cheese curds! What the heck???

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