Monday, June 1, 2009

Two Thumbs Way "UP!"

Pixar has never let me down before. I fell in love with them with Toy Story (1 and 2), and have excitedly followed them through Monsters, Inc., The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, and others, including my personal favorite, Cars. Brad and I are not ashamed; we've not only bought movie tickets to these "children's movies" even though we have no children to use as an excuse, we've also joined right along with all the kids while we laugh hysterically in the theater.

When I heard that they were coming out with a new movie, I got super excited. What could they possibly come up with next? (Pixar has never followed the Disney "damsel in distress / save the princess" routine, and every presentation has been uniquely different.) All that I knew about Up was what I could gather from the poster: It was about an old man, a little boy, and a house floating by balloons. I tried very hard to not watch previews, because I have learned many times over that previews oftentimes spoil the movie by showing all of the best parts. (Which is also the case with this film. I have since watched the preview. Consider yourself warned.) Besides, I knew it was Pixar, I knew it would be great, and I knew I wanted to see it. Why would I need to watch a preview, anyway?

Just as I presumed, Brad and I, along with Alex and Amber, ventured out into the movie world and forked over a small fortune to gain access into the Wonderful World of Pixar this past Friday to lounge in stadium seats and view Up, first hand, on its release date.

Oh, and Alex and Amber smuggled in some Dollar Tree candy. Shame, shame.

Alright, my final review? The movie was awesome! I'm not kidding. I t-totally loved it! I won't say much, because I would hate to spoil it for you, since I know you're all going to take my recommendation and run out and watch it this week! But I will tell you that I laughed, and I cried, and I wasn't the only one! It was seriously an emotional roller coaster! I can't believe that Pixar was able to make you fall so in love with their characters that you literally feel every emotion right along with them! Amber and I (along with the boys, only they won't admit it) grew completely involved with this little old man and his young counterpart. We would be moved to tears in one scene, only to be pleasantly humored in the next. I've never been laughing and crying so much at the exact same time! Here's proof of our simultaneous, opposite emotions. This picture of Amber and me was taken immediately after the movie. We were sufficiently filled up with happiness and literally ready to stay seated just to watch the next showing of the film right over again! (If only that were legal.) I give it my highest recommendation. I have a strong feeling that you'll like it.

Oh, and as a special treat, look at what they teased me with! The sixth Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, coming out next month!! I can't even describe how anxiously I am awaiting this installment of my favorite series ever! This is one case in which I do watch the previews (over and over again). Just in case you're wondering, my prep work is coming along swimmingly. I'm about half way through the 3rd book as I reread the Potter Story (for the 3rd time) to get ready to witness the intensity that this 6th movie is sure to deliver! If you're new to the Potter-verse, come on in! The water's fine!



glad you had a good weekend =] have an even better week!

Bryan said...

y'UP, I'm going to take the boys at some point to go see this. Thanks for the recommendation.

Cristin Claire said...

I can't wait to see this! They had posters of it up everywhere in Disney world last week. And of course I can't wait to see HP!!!

Our Life....Taking it one experience at a time said...

You write an awesome blog! I love reading your entries. My family and I saw Up last night and absolutely loved it - even my husband who doesn't like the damsel in distress /save the princess routine. Keep up the great work.

Pam Hays said...

You t-totally used t-totally. I love you!

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