Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back To My Roots

I guess Brad has been in the pampering mood, lately. Only days after he groomed Chester, he decided it was my turn to be spoiled with a little make over indulgences.

It's been over 6 months since I've stepped foot into a salon. Way back in January, I underwent this dramatic transformation. It was just a temporary hair dye that was only supposed to last 3 month at the most. Well, I had more than gotten my money's worth out of the reddish-brown 'do, and the sixth month was showing some signs of neglect.

I've been mentioning that I wanted to get it touched up again, and discussed what I should do next with Brad. We both agreed that the darker alter-Mindy was fun while she lasted, but we were ready to get back down to my blond roots. Well, just because the decision was made, didn't necessarily mean that the appointment had been.

That was, until, Brad took matters into his own hands. Monday, Brad was waiting in the car while I was tanning after work. (We love carpooling.) When I got back in the car 12 minutes later, he looked up at me as if he was offended, and asked, "What are you doing??"

"Uh... getting in the car. To go home. Like usual. What's your deal?" I couldn't understand why he was so upset. I assumed he didn't want me interrupting his book, and my 12 minutes didn't allot him enough time to finish that particular chapter, or something.

He replied, "What do you think you're doing? You have an appointment upstairs, right now."

"Huh? What in the world are you talking about?"

"You're going to be late for your hair appointment. Get out!" he smirked as he pointed to the new salon located above Sun Tan City.

Unbeknownst to me, he had taken it upon himself to schedule me a hair appointment. Well, when the man of the house gives you an order, who are you to argue? I grabbed his hand, hopped out of the car, and skipped steps as I ran toward my makeover.

Brad, satisfied with himself, lounged on the couch and continued reading while I had the most enjoyable salon experience of my life. The lady was so nice (she did take basically a walk-in appointment at 5:30 in the evening and didn't even seem rushed); she offered us both something to drink before proceeding to create Martian Mindy with all of the foils containing blonde dye wrapped around pieces of my hair. Once I landed back on Earth, she performed a professional head massage masqueraded as a shampooing. She put final touches on the cut and style, and sent me home looking like this.

Brad was very patient to wait for me throughout the whole pampering process, not to mention completely wonderful for surprising me with a little (unnecessary, but oh-so-necessary) indulgent treat. However, I think he's as happy about the outcome as I am about the process. After all, Brad has always been partial to blonds...


Bonnie Baker said...

love the new hair mindy!! very cute!


veryyy pretty! i just posted all about my hair on my blog too lol..

Edd said...

Okay're making the rest of us out here look bad! You get wicked props for this one.

Meagan said...

you look gorgeous, this hair is my fave :)

Sasha said...

I like the new blog and you look very pretty in your new do. :o)

Heather said...

Welcome back to the good side! I'm very proud!

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