Wednesday, June 10, 2009

There's a Lump in the Bed

I can't stand for things to be out of order. I simply cannot function when things are out of place, and I go a little crazy. FlyLady taught me to always make my bed. (After all, "it is the kitchen sink of your bedroom.")

Brad and I tagteam the bedmaking routine every morning. After I get out of the shower, I wake him up, and we each get on our respective sides, fold down the blankets just so, and then strategically place each of our pillows so that it becomes the beautiful masterpiece of our master bedroom.

However, the other day, Brad was not being very cooperative. He was just "too tired" to wake up and get ready for work at all. Well, it was getting late, and I, being the anal, annoying wife that I am, went ahead and made up the bed all by myself; with him in it.

Sorry, Baby. But, that's what you get.

However, my efforts were futile. Chester quickly proceeded to destroy my work of art in a frantic search for his daddy.

Turns out, Brad was faking the whole time, anyway. Apparently, he was the one being annoying! (Surprise, surprise.) But, don't worry, the wrestling match that proceeded between he and Chester was totally precious and completely worth the morning routine fiasco. I absolutely adore my little family.

Oh, and when we remade the bed, we did it together. :)


em said...

sooooooo funny!!!

Erin Howell said...

Happy Anniversary!

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