Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gutters and Strikes

Last Friday night, Lindsay called me up after work to ask if we were interested in spending some time on the lanes with her and Charlie. Well, of course we were! Brad and I are like pro bowlers. Okay, well, maybe not quite pro. Actually, we're kinda bad at it. But we still love it! And we're always up for any opportunity to improve our game.

So we hit up Tusculum Lanes and had a showdown between the couples. Apparently, Charlie was some bowling phenomenon in high school and goes by the bowler name, Tex. He proceeded to "shoot ya" every time he got a strike, which was, admittedly, much more frequently than any of the rest of us.

As a general rule, I'm pretty terrible at bowling. It would not be surprising for me to score a 48 (again). But, for some reason, I'm always on fire the first game. Check it out. I scored a giant 105. A score like that even let me beat Brad! Holla! (You may not understand just how exciting this is, but I can count the number of times in my life that I've broken a score of 100 on 3 fingers...)

But my flame wore out as the second game began. My 105 nearly shrunk in half down to a measly 60. (Lindsay barely beat me with a 62.) And Brad, true to his form of improvement with each game shot his original score of 89 up to a whopping 151! He even defeated Tex's decent 131. It's a good thing Brad and I evenly swapped places with the games. Our combined scores proved to dominate over Team Dizzle. Boom, roasted!

We had a lot of fun making loud fools of ourselves in front of everyone, and Lindsay and I had our fair share of celebration dances for any non-gutter balls. We didn't really care how many pins fell down; we were just proud that it stayed on the lane! What a great time with great friends.

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