Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brad's Treasure

Brad has always wanted a giant TV with lots of initials - you know, LCD, HD, etc. I am not opposed to such electronic indulgences, but I have not been too keen on spending the necessary money to replace a perfectly fine TV, with a few less initials, just for the sake of it. I always felt like our TV worked just fine; even if we couldn't make out each individual blade of grass on the baseball diamond.

Brad, on the other hand, was anxious for the digital upgrade. So anxious, in fact, that he picked up an evening job delivering pizzas for Domino's just so that he could fund our transition into the 21st century, among other things.

First of all, Brad loves the work. It's fun for him to drive around listening to music, meeting people, and not stressing about work stuff since it's pretty cut and dry. Second of all, he loves the tips, which is what he was banking on.

For some reason (probably because he's weird), he decided to trade in all of his tip money for gold dollar coins and create his own pot o' gold. He received great pleasure each time he heard the clink of coins as they dropped into the grown-up piggy bank (aka, vase) on his night stand.

Finally, he saved up enough gold to cross the first item off of his wish list and fulfill his electronic aspirations. He stopped by Best Buy on his way home from his last delivery on Friday night and picked up his heart's desire. A 32" Samsung LCD TV fully equipped for HD and all that other fine stuff.
Now, I'm going to be honest, I wasn't dying to upgrade our (perfectly fine) television in the first place, and I really don't understand all of that initial mumbo jumbo. But, hey, since Brad went and worked extra, spent his "own money," and already purchased it, I'm not going to not enjoy the beautifully crisp, clear, bright picture illuminating our living room from the vibrant, wide screen TV! We've already viewed a few movies in HD with that DOLBY surround sound (or whatever it is), and they were great!

Too bad Brad's so excited about the long sought after wide-screen-ness, that he insists on keeping it in that format even when that particular channel isn't formatted for wide screen, and it just stretches people and makes them look short and squatty. Oh well, I guess he worked hard enough for it. He can have the pleasure of utilizing his treasure however he likes.

Until he leaves. Then I change the settings.


Our Life....Taking it one experience at a time said...

You crack me up!! Your posts are so enjoyable to read - have you always been this creative? Love the last line of this post :)

Sasha said...

Yay!! Those TVs truly make a difference! :o)

I absolutely love the POT O' GOLD!! ha ha!!

That's great. Love the last line of this post too!

Bryan said...

let me just get this straight. Are those DVD's sorted by color???

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