Thursday, July 2, 2009

Young At Heart

Just because you're "old" doesn't mean you can't still have fun like a kid! My friend, Libby, turned 30 Tuesday, and she invited some people to celebrate with her at Dave & Buster's, which is basically a Chuck E. Cheese for "grown-ups." She figured there was no better way to welcome her 30's than by acting like a child! I have to admit, I very much agree. (Brad wasn't able to join us, since he was preoccupied making some more Domino's tips.)

We first visited with each other over a delicious meal, before passing up the bowling alley and pool hall to head straight to the arcade. Before we could play any of the games, everybody had to load up a D&B card. You don't buy tokens, anymore; you get a certain amount of "points" on a credit-like-card that you swipe at each game. (Can you believe how "plastic" our nation has gotten? Dave Ramsey would be appalled!)

With each swipe of the card, we reverted back to our childhood as we played Skee Ball, Super Shot, Wheel of Fortune, and a plethora of other games. Our favorite machines were, of course, the ones that spit out the most tickets! You should have seen our greedy little selves as we swiped and swiped in efforts to achieve ticket gold! At one point, I did so aweome on one game, that I had tickets coming out of both sides!

By spending hours (I may be exagerrating, but not by much) at the gambling token machines, the birthday girl won over 1,000 tickets! She could hardly hold all of her winnings in the complimentary bucket. It was as bad as Vegas!

It was great to be a kid for a night. And it was also great to confirm that I still rock at Skee Ball, even if I was dominated by Charles.
Happy 30th Birthday, Libby!

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