Thursday, July 23, 2009

We Wanna Rock!

Brad had a surprise waiting for me when I got home from my girls' Gatlinburg getaway last weekend. Apparently, he had been progressing on through his extra dough wish list, because he greeted me with the complete Guitar Hero, World Tour rock band set. Holla! (I'm starting to really like this extra job!)

After church last night, we had band practice with our fellow rock stars - Matthew & Heather, Jeremy & Madison, and Charles & Emily. The skill level was definitely all over the place. Charles and Em have this at home, and they've pretty much toured the world already. Madison is apparently pro, and Heather's basically awesome. All of the Mehaffey boys are pretty decent.

And then there's me.

Yikes. I don't have any rhythmic skills, whatsoever. Honestly, I can't even clap along to a song without Brad (the perpetual high school band geek) making fun of me. When I was playing the drums last night, the only way that I could even do remotely well was to have Brad standing behind me tapping me on the shoulder each time I should drop down the drum stick. And I wasn't even having to hit any specific drums! On beginner (thankyouverymuch), you just have to bang any ol' spot along with the beat. That's all. Just keep the beat. However, that's much easier said than done. Believe you me.

Sadly, the "bass" isn't much easier. How in the world do people get their fingers to bend like that? And that quickly?? I didn't even attempt the actual guitar. I just let Madison show off to the tune of "Hotel California" and a few more. But, most of us spent the majority of our time in complete awe of Charles' mad drumming skills. Seriously, he's unreal. Sometime, we're going to have to get a video of it, or you'll never believe me.

With all of the pictures of us rockin' out, I had to make sure to get at least one of us rock chicks. (Brad lovingly referred to us as "The Donnas.") Look at this sweet picture; it's me with almost-family, might-as-well-be-family, and feels-like-family. I for real love these girls. If I'm going to be touring the world and rockin' out venues, I'm glad it's with this group of friends. :)


em said...

Rock On Guitar Hero!!! That was so fun! you are seriously not as bad as you make it sound! =)

(love your new sig) it's purty!!!

Our Life...Taking it one experience at a time said...

You are so funny. I think my boys gave up on Guitar Hero. Blog looks great and your signature is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Mindy.... you are not alone. We tried to play with my family last Thanksgiving and I am no good either. Maybe we can practice together without the ridicule of others who are better! ~Jess~

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