Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reservations for Two

Saturday night dinner at 7:30
Make sure and bring a cardigan because we may be sitting outside by the pond and I don't want you to get cold.


This was the subject line and email that I received from Brad early last week regarding our 4th Anniversary celebration. He gave me no other details, and refused to let any hints slip for the rest of the week, despite my multiple pleas. Much to his great pleasure, the suspense drove me crazy!

We were going to be spending the weekend in Illinois helping my brother move and prepare his new house, so I didn't know what he could possibly be planning. I was expecting a simple dinner at TGI Fridays or something, since I know what few restaurants are available in my Illinois hometown. But then Brad whips out this sneaky little trick, and convinces me to bring a dress with us on our trip north. Hmmm... I figured that we must be driving out of town for dinner.

At 6:00 on Saturday, he instructed me to put down my paintbrush and start showering and getting ready for our date. I wasn't sure how this would leave me enough time to get ready and drive to the nearest decent-sized city, but I didn't ask any questions of that ornery face he upheld.

To my surprise, there is apparently a really nice restaurant tucked away within the little town in which I grew up! Brad was sneaky, indeed! We enjoyed a romantic dinner for two at the Firefly Grill. While we waited to be seated on the back deck, we relaxed at the bar, where Brad got a sophisticated glass of wine, and I got a pretty strawberry daiquiri (virgin, of course - much tastier and much cheaper).

After a short while, we were escorted to our secluded table out back by the pond. We loved pretending to be fancy enough for this nice place. When seated, the server asked us if we would prefer "sparkling, spring or tap water." Brad shot me a confused expression, and I quickly requested spring water. He then brought out a brand new bottle of spring water and proceeded to pour it for us. Wow, totally out of our league, and totally so much fun!

I chose the rib eye steak and snow peas and Brad decided to test their "signature elk steak" and whipped potatoes. We were both extremely pleased with our selection and soaked in the sunset, sounds of nature, and the uninterrupted company of our soul mates. It's nice to still be so in love after four years of marriage...

Brad wouldn't let me order dessert at the Firefly Grill; he said he had something else special planned. Following dinner, we drove to the other side of town to a very familiar location. Brad tapped into my nostalgia and surprised me with a trip down memory lane as we pulled into the Homewood Grill parking lot for some ice cream.

My friends and I used to frequent this tiny little ice cream stand when I was younger. We would walk, roller blade, ride bikes, or beg our parents to drive us over to Homewood for some candy (they have everything you could ever want), ice cream (a variety of soft served, hand-dipped, sundaes, and shakes), or some good, old-fashioned junk food (nachos or cheese fries, anyone?).

I abandoned my childhood favorite of two scoops of hand-dipped home-made vanilla ice cream in a waffle bowl to sample a (more adult) turtle shake-n-more, and Brad (not having grown up in this small town, nor being very familiar with its offerings) based his decision off of his favorite Dairy Queen cool treat and went for an M&M shake-n-more hoping it would taste like their blizzard. He was right, and we had a great time reminiscing the "good ol' days" and comparing my childhood ice cream shop in Illinois, Homewood Grill, to his childhood ice cream shop in Indiana, Dari-Licious. I believe I won.

How blessed we are to have enjoyed four wonderful years of marriage. How blessed we are to be able to happily celebrate the milestone together. What a wonderful memory, just perfect for the two of us. I mean, really, who doesn't love getting all dolled up and spending a lovely evening with the one you love?

Oh, and by the way, I was glad that I brought a cardigan to wear. Thanks for thinking ahead, Baby!

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LAL said...

I like you dress!

Erin Howell said...

How sweet! Great memories. :)

Elaine Mehaffey said...

What a perfect celebration for the two of you!!!

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