Friday, June 19, 2009

Pampered Pooch

Chester was getting pretty shaggy, and understandably embarrassed.He asked us if he could have a Doggy Makeover, so Brad and I decided to gift him with an all-expenses-paid trip to the Mehaffey Manor Spa.

His pampering began with a simple hair trim.Then he got his nails done.Next was the washand the rinse He got all driedand styled.After a polite thank you to his (wonderful) spa technician,he went wild!He apparently didn't like the poofy style, because he decided to "fix it" by rubbing his face all across the carpet.Ahhh... That's much better.


LL said...

I love you Chester! muahhhhhh

Jen said...

Frasier does the exact same thing after he has a bath. He hates baths (and being wet)!


precious!!!:) carson, looks horrible right now, our grooomer scalped him last time, i miss him being all fluffy :(

em said...

ahhhh...all better now!

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