Wednesday, June 3, 2009

FDH Field Day '09

I'm lucky blessed enough to work at a super great firm and also genuinely enjoy spending time with the people with whom I work. Not only does it make the day-to-day activities more bearable, but it also makes firm-wide events much more fun!

Yesterday, we closed the office early and headed to the park for the Company Picnic, which included a cookout as well as "relay events." There were two teams that competed in the activities: the audit employees (the A-Team) and the tax employees (the T-Team). Apparently, there is an unspoken rivalry between these two accounting fields that I was oblivious of until a competition was suggested. Let me tell you, trash talk abounded throughout the office in the days and weeks prior to the picnic!

Since I'm "neutral," I, along with the few other non-tax-non-audit employees were haphazardly placed on one team or the other. For a few intense days, I was tax, through and through. You better believe I was smack talking with the best of 'em! (Even though many of the auditors are some of my best friends in the office!)

The whole FDH Crew, along with their families, came together on the field to compete in five relay events: The Sack Race, The Dizzy Bat, The Egg Race, The Wheel Barrow, and The 3-Legged Race. You can't possibly understand how hilarious it was to see our partners hopping around in sacks and spinning in circles with their heads (supposedly) on baseball bats. We all laughed so hard and had a great time, despite the stiff competition. Brad and I both participated in the sack race, the egg race, and the wheel barrow race. And just FYI, it's very difficult for a short person to hold an extremely long person up by only their legs!

The A-Team thought they could intimidate us by sporting some sweet, matching sweatbands, but we knew it was all just talk. As evidenced by the fact that we dominated the sports. The T-Team creamed them with a whopping 4-1 victory. Boom! Roasted!

But I was glad when the games were all said and done so I could reestablish my neutral position. Even though I love a lot of the tax guys, I was starting to miss my audit friends. Now, it's all water under the bridge. Well, kind of. The scoreboard has been displayed right outside of the office kitchen, just to "gently remind everyone of who defeated whom." Old rivalries die hard...

Oh, and just because I have to, look at some of the oh-so-adorable kids that I got to spend time with! I never knew my coworkers had such cute families!

Company picnics are the best! Especially when you're so blessed to work with so many friends!

Complete FDH Field Day Photo Album


Bryan said...

Go Tax! we kicked their butts.

em said...

BOOM! ROASTED! yes! my favorite part! looks like you had a blast! oh...and those are the cutest kids!

Anonymous said...

Well some of us value our integrity over winning =P It's part of being on the a-team

Cristin Claire said...

Looks like yall had fun. I'm so glad you love your job!

Erin Howell said...

fun times! :)

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