Thursday, October 29, 2009

29 and Holding

Guess who just turned old! My (pregnant!) BF, Emily, celebrated a birthday this week, and she is now the big 2-9! Okay, okay, she may not be officially old yet, but she is definitely oh-so-close.

Brad and I, along with some other friends of ours (and their next-door neighbors), Kris and Emily crashed Charles and Emily's house on Tuesday night to help celebrate. We came bearing dinner and cake, though, so I don't think that they minded us invading too much. Brad, being the amazing man that he is, created a delicious lasagna that was ready to bake when we arrived, so we could eat it fresh out of the oven. Kris and Emily carried a scrumptious salad across the lawn with them, and we had a great time enjoying the meal together. (Even though I somehow butchered the bread. Honestly, it's the easiest thing, and it was destroyed by the time I was done with it.)

Brad showed off even more of his awesomeness with a special birthday cake that he baked and decorated all by himself! (Watch out, Ace of Cakes; you've got some serious competition!) You know you're getting old when a single package of candles doesn't contain enough for your birthday... We had to use the 24 candles in the box to actually write out the number 29 for Emily to blow out. *cough*old*cough*

As you can see, her wish should be coming true any time now. She successfully blew out all "29" candles with one big breath. We'll see how many flames she blows out next year. Jokes were made about how she'll stay 29 for years to come. This year, she is officially "29 and holding."

Happy Birthday, Em! Love you bunches!!


emily said...

i'm crying right hoo! haha! i had a great time!!! the food ROCKED...and so did the company!!!


Bryan said...

Since I've never met Emily, there is really no reason for me to comment. But maybe Emily should pick some nicer friends... Sheesh.

Bryan said...

OK, kidding about picking friends part, but that's a lot of "old" jokes...


Mindy!! Im officially blogging now, thought you should know. Oh and I stalk your blog continuously. Its soo cute, your gonna have to help me with this. Anyway, so i miss you and now not only can we be real friends but we can be blog friends too. Love you! Oh and your blonde hair is super cute, love it! ~steph

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