Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween at the Metcalfs

Got an email from TJ this morning along with some pictures of their Halloween. I laughed:

Thought you all might like to see some recent Halloween pictures. Mindy you need to tell your husband to come over next Halloween and we can do some good pumpkin carving with MAN tools not those wimpy 2nd grader girl carvers. We still haven't managed to talk Rachel out of wearing her swimsuit every day and want to go swimming even though its 40 degrees around here. I guess she is just going to be in a swimsuit year round.

I mean, for real, Rachel is so cute. I can't believe she was brave enough to touch the guts!!
I guess these were the "MAN tools" he was referring to. Seriously, TJ? A saw? And then you put your daughter in a helmet just in case it gets away from you, or what?? No wonder he was making fun of Brad's "wimpy 2nd grader girl carvers." That is so my brother...

Here is the result of all of that "MAN carving." A very manly pumpkin display, indeed! I cracked up when I saw this. The Pumpkin Horror is apparently wreaking havoc among the townsfolk. He's destroyed one, beat up another, is eating a little one, about to throw another, and causing one to vomit all over himself in terror! Honestly, somebody has got to gather some control over Pumpkinville! (Sheesh. And I thought Brad's pumpkin wasn't very nice...)

Here's the fam trick-or-treating. Those Metcalf girls sure do make beautiful Snow Whites! Look at Rachel with all that lipstick on! I'm not sure what Clinton was, except staying warm. But he's still super cute!

Oh, and here's Rachel in that adorable swimming suit she loves to wear. Of course, it's princess. I love that she's wearing boots to keep warm, but still chooses to wear the suit regardless of the temperature. She is hilarious. Such a diva.

Okay, that's all. Thanks for indulging me. I just enjoyed the pictures so much and laughed so hard that I couldn't help but share them. What a great family. :)


Bryan said...

hmm. I like the saw. Efficient. very cute family, not sure I am looking forward to the swimsuit in the winter deal with my daughter.

Sarah said...

LOL I’ve never seen someone use a jigsaw on a pumpkin!

And as for the pumpkin massacre…I’d be scared. :)

Erin Howell said...

haha this is great!! their yard totally cracks me up. :)

Dad said...

Whoever said that going to school all those years was a waste? TJ does me proud with his ingenious ideas! I might be a little biased, but those grandkids are the cutest ever!

Tess Lafia said...

This is a wonderful blog~ :)

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