Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle

It's a jungle around here. With the tax deadline being next week, we're running around like crazy until all hours of the night and weekends. I have a few blog posts sitting on my back burner, waiting for a chance to be updated, but I doubt we'll have any chance of that for the next couple of weeks. Thanks for being patient with me as I attempt to survive my second ever Tax Season. (Wish me luck.)

BTW, how do you like that peace lily that's in our lobby? It's so big and beautiful! I get to look at it every single day. When some of the flowers bloom, it quite literally is as tall as I am. Like I said, it really is a jungle around here.


emily said...

now, THAT's a big plant! :) love you...hang in there! almost over....saying prayers

Dad said...

WOW! That leaf in the middle rear looks EXACTLY like you! What are the odds?! :-) Had a great time over Easter!!

Erin Howell said...

This makes me think of the show Psych.. isn't the theme song something about a jungle? anyways.. happy week of april 15th. 3 more days!!
ps. my word verification for this comment is income. how ironic.

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