Thursday, September 6, 2012

Emily Cowan Rocks

I guess you could say I'm awesome by association. My best friend is a super talented singer/songwriter! No, not that best friend (although her, too). My real best friend! Emily is amazing, y'all! After years of her holding the title of BFF, I finally got to watch her perform last week! And believe me, she was as incredible as I knew she would be. Her voice! Her lyrics! Her music! Oh, I was one very proud friend hoopin' and hollerin' and snappin' pictures in the front row!

Charlie is so used to being near mommy around the house when she practices, that the sweet toddler ran on up to the stage in front of everybody to help out like usual! Don't worry, Charles was on hand to make sure it didn't get wild. I loved that it was a family affair! (Plus, Charles was already doing all of the sound like a pro, since being an audio engineer is kind of his day job.)

However, by the end of the set, wild is exactly what it got! Layla wasn't going to let her BFF dance up there without her! So, after much insistence on the girls' parts, it finally became the dance party they had been waiting for!

I know that you would absolutely love Emily's music, too. Believe me. That's not just a best friend talking, either. That's coming from just a regular ol' enjoyer of music! Also, I think you'd totally dig The Well Coffeehouse, where she performed. Learn all about that awesome non-profit organization (of which we know the founders!) here or here. If you're in the Nashville area, stop by for some delicious brew that spreads love all the way around the world!

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Erin Howell said...

How awesome! I wish I could have been there. :) Hoping I can stop and see the Well next time I'm in Nashville.

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