Monday, September 10, 2012

Taylor's Versatile Live Performances

TSwift had to live performances back-to-back last week. Thursday night, she closed out the MTV VMAs with a live version of her fun video for "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." It was quite a grand finale for the awards show. She had a lot of fun with the performance, and the crowd seemed to enjoy belting out the earworm chorus.

Then, the following night, she performed her second single from her upcoming album, "Red" at the Stand Up To Cancer benefit event. The song is titled "Ronan," and it was written for a 4-year-old boy by the same name who recently passed away after his battle with Cancer. She was inspired to pen the song after reading a blog from Ronan's mother, who is credited as being a co-songwriter on the single. It's so beautiful and moving that it literally made me cry, so beware. If you feel so inclined to purchase the song on iTunes, you'll be supporting a great cause, becaues all of the proceeds are going to help fight cancer.

She is such a versatile songwriter. I can't believe she can go from a fun, quirky performance like "WANEGBT" on one night, and then switch to such an emotional, moving performance like "Ronan" the very next evening. America just can't ever know what to expect from her. I think we can definitely be sure that her fourth album will be very eclectic and different. I can't wait to experience every story and emotion she'll capture on it. I also can't stop tearing up at "Ronan."

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Dad said...

Just HAD TO buy 'Ronan'. A beautiful, touching tribute/song!

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