Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!

Did you ring in the New Year in style? Brad and I, along with Heather, Alex, and Amber partied like rock country stars on New Year's Eve. We bundled up, decked ourselves in festive hats, and spent the evening with 50,000 other party animals on Lower Broadway in downtown Nashville.
The girls getting ready for the evening
Brad and me on the bus heading downtown.
We found our way to the front of the crowd near the concert stage!

Heather and I huddled together to keep warm!

Bradley and Alex sporting their fancy hats.

In Music City, naturally it's a music note that drops during the countdown.

Kissing (in the cold rain) at midnight to welcome 2013!
What a way to ring in the New Year! I think it's so fun sharing experiences with tons of other people, and it's even better to share them with people I love. We had a blast listening to the bands all night and then joining in the raucous of the crowd by blaring our noisemakers through the streets of the city. Some day, we're going to go to New York City and watch the real ball drop in Times Square with millions of other people. It'll be the ultimate party, and it is going to happen, eventually.

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