Thursday, January 31, 2013

You've just been pep talked

It's time y'all met Kid President, the self-appointed Tiny President of the United States. He's a 9-year-old third-grader who is encouraging the world to be more awesome and then getting up and dancing about it. He's made it his personal mission to help make grown-ups less boring.
His YouTube channel has tons of adorable, quirky, funny, inspiring videos that share pieces of innocent wisdom like "treat everyone like it's their birthday," "don't be in a party, be a party," and "if it doesn't make the world better, don't do it." He interviews people using tin cans and strings, and he gives out "The Medal of Awesome" to other kids who are being, well, awesome by changing the world. And not only does he make a point to dance, but he encourages you to do the same and even join the party by sending in videos of you cuttin' a rug.
Most recently, he decided that the world needed a pep talk.

So, what is going to be your Space Jam? How are you going to stop being boring and start making the world more awesome? Let's take this tyke's advice, and get out there and give the world a reason to dance!


Laura C. said...

This is my favorite kid ever (aside from my niece and nephews of course).

Jessie H said...

This is the best video!!

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