Friday, February 6, 2009

Surprise Concert

A couple of months ago, as Brad and I were talking about nothing in particular, I mentioned that I generally prefer the anticipation of an event over the surprise of it. His immediate response was, "Oh, then I guess I should tell you now that we're doing something January 29th." Huh? That came out of no where. Would he have ever told me that if I hadn't made my comment? He refused to give any details away, regardless of my attempts to convince him that that was still a surprise. He claimed I could enjoy the anticipation of a surprise - the best of both worlds. He won on a technicality.

The months passed, and I nearly forgot about my little surprise. (If I had known what to look forward to, maybe I would have remembered it...) But once the week of the 29th came along, he admitted that we were going to The Exit/In, a local music venue, to watch one of our favorite obscure artists, Brett Dennen, in concert. I was super excited, and really surprised. Brett was the reason that Brad and I went to the Brendan James concert a few months back, and we loved it. I knew this would be just as great.

Brad's best friend from forever, Alex, and his girlfriend, Amber, joined us for the evening. Before the show began, all of us went to Mellow Mushroom for some delicious pizza and calzones. When it was time, we walked across the street to the Exit/In and waited in line to enter the venue. We were a little nervous I wouldn't pass the ID test since I don't look anything like "Bride Mindy" anymore, and I haven't had a new license made since the week after our wedding. Luckily, they aren't too worried about terrorist activity, because I got right through.

The concert was really great. But, Brett Dennen is kind of weird. He's 6'5" with bright red wild hair. He reminded me very much of Shrek, and he danced really silly-like; just lifting his shoulders up and down a lot. We laughed the whole time. It was so much fun. Sadly, however, the batteries of my camera died after I had taken a picture of the venue sign, so I don't have a single picture of the actual concert. Sad Day. But anyway, if you've never heard him before, I recommend giving Brett Dennen a chance. He has a very distinct and unique style, though, so you will most likely either really like him, or really not like him. Here are the few pictures I was able to capture of the evening before the death of the batteries.

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Mommy of Multiples said...

Love your blog. Sounds like you have an incredible heart for God.

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