Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweet Surprise

When I walked in the door yesterday from work, Brad had flowers and a card sitting out waiting for me on the table! It was so sweet. I'm one of those girls that absolutely loves getting flowers. They never get old. I don't care what kind they are, or how expensive or inexpensive they might be. The gesture is always incredibly appreciated.

I've been in a pretty mopey mood lately. (Hence the lack of blogging. Sorry about that, btw.) Not only are we hardly getting chances to see each other with our work schedules, but I've been struggling with this ridiculous outbreak of hives for weeks, which just makes me completely crabby. Yesterday was especially bad, and Brad figured out a way to show me his love, even though he hasn't been able to be home to baby me like I'd he'd like.

I really am blessed to have such a great husband who loves on me like he does. Sometimes, I can't believe how spoiled I am. But I'll never, ever take it for granted. He and our marriage is a blessing straight from Above, and I'll never forget that. Nor will I stop giving thanks to the One who ultimately takes the best care of me.


Mr. Merlin said...

I'm going to write a manual for boys. Rule #1: "just because" is THE BEST reason to give flowers!


Sorry you've been feeling down lately! I know how much that stinks not getting to see your hubby. I dont know how you guys are doing it! So nice that he could cheer up your day too, what a good guy. Hope your hives clear up soon. And start feeling happy soon, cuz we miss your part of the blogsphere!

Meagan said...

i love how well brad takes care of you. makes me happy to see my friends happy :) love you!

Kristen said...

I'm so sorry you've been down lately! But I'm so glad that Brad knows how to cheer you up. =) He's always VERY good at that! And I always like hearing about it!

Erin Howell said...

How sweet! :) Enjoy the flowers. Cheer up, it's almost the weekend! holla!

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