Thursday, August 5, 2010

Taylor's Mine

Okay, technically she's not mine. But her new song is called "Mine," and it's her's, so...

Over the past year, I've become completely in love with Taylor Swift. I think she's an  incredibly talented songwriter as well as absolutely hilarious and just plain ol' real. To me, she's such a shining light of old-fashioned, girly love and romance, amidst all of the nasty, smutty, over-sexualized, barely-dressed girls that we're bombarded with, nowadays. She's pure feminity in a way that allows other girls to accept the Princess inside of them and long to be loved the way God intended for us to be. And besides that, she really seems to be just a regular girl that loves hanging out with her friends.

Brad gave me the Platinum edition of her Fearless album for Christmas this past year, and I've shamelessly belted my heart out to every word of it in my car ever since. Her new album, Speak Now, on which she wrote every single song all by herself, with no help at all, comes out at the end of October, and I can't wait! The video of her first single, Mine, will premier in a little over a week, but the song itself was released online, yesterday. I'm just gunna go ahead and say that I'm so far on the T-Swift Train, that I'm going to eat up anything she comes out with.

And I already love the new song. I bet you will, too.

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