Friday, August 14, 2009

Pranks, Country Style

I'm not the biggest fan of Taylor Swift in the world, but I can't deny that I sing along to her tunes on the radio, or that they get stuck in my head for days. Likewise, I don't go crazy over Keith Urban, but I do think he's super cute, and I generally love his music (so romantic!). Apparently, Keith Urban is having a variety of different acts open for him throughout his 2009 tour, one of which is Talor Swift.

Both of these country stars just earned some mega points in my book. Taylor's awesome sense of humor was displayed Saturday night at Keith's Kansas City tour when she and her band appeared on stage with him dressed up as KISS and rocked out to his Kiss a Girl tune. He was caught completely off guard, and it's completely hilarious.


I'm glad I share a hometown with these two. Way to represent Nashville!


Anonymous said...

Taylor is the best, EVER!!!!

Lindsey O said...

Haha, I love it!!

I may not be crazy about her songs, but I think she seems like a fun person. Like I don't need to hear "You belong with me" another time on the radio, but I would hang out with her!

Kristen said...

Haha! And the Hershey kisses, too! Somehow reminded me of Makin' Music. =)

LAL said...

I can't take any more "you belong with meeeeeeeeeeee-eeeeeeeee"! but i like her other songs

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