Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Redneck Slip & Slide

Summer just isn't summer without some serious sprinkler action. The best water play ever invented was the original Slip 'n Slide. I spent many a summers slipping and sliding on that thin yellow plastic as a youngster. But, who says that you can't still enjoy the soaked fun on a hot day even when you're a grown up?

Our friends, Pam and Mitch, invited us to join them and their neighbors in some wet, summer fun. Across the street from their house, in a neighbor's back yard, an old fashioned slip 'n slide party was in full swing! However, this was not your traditional, run-of-the-mill slipping and sliding. No, this was Redneck Slip 'n Slide! They bought a giant tarp and draped it across the lawn. Once a little sprinkler water and baby shampoo was added, we, rednecks, slipped and slid for 75 feet!

In an effort to truly fit in to the Redneck theme of the evening, Brad joyously sported his glorious mullet wig and some newly created cut-off (too short) jean shorts. You know I couldn't have been prouder.

I regret to admit that I ended up sitting on the sidelines with Pam, as we watched the men join the kids in making fools of themselves. This was a decision that I did not regret in the least. First of all, it was hilarious to watch grown men racing children to beat them as the next slipper to slide down the soaked tarp. Brad's face was pure ecstasy, and Mitch looked like a walrus as he willed his body to go the farthest. Oh, and their little son, Ben, was way too cute!

Second of all, it was apparently very painful. Brad got tarp burns down his bare chest, and various scrapes, cuts, and bruises on multiple parts of his body. Not to mention, his muscles were so sore the next day that he literally had to use his arms to lift his legs up, one at a time, into his pants.

Obviously, we're too old for this stuff.


Anonymous said...

You are the best blogger I have ever known!!! I miss you so much, Mindy Mehaffey!!!!! I must see you soon.

Dad said...

Redneck slip'n'slide, huh? I think that's just another way of telling me that I have the COOLEST son-in-law ever!

chelle said...

Ask Chris Durbin about this. We make a 100 foot one each year out of 10 mil visqueen. It is expensive, but it is the only thing that will hold up to 50 teenagers. Chris basically holds the record. The first year it was only about 75 feet and he went off the end into the grass and cut up his chest like CRAZY. That is the year we used vegetable oil as a lubricant. We have since switched to dish soap (although I like the baby shampoo idea)

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