Wednesday, August 19, 2009

He's Just a Skater Boy

My youngest brother is definitely, what Avril Lavigne would refer to as, a Sk8ter Boi. Ever since Trevor was a baby, he's been on various wheeled contraptions - skateboards, bikes, roller blades, etc. It's not uncommon for him to even include his "wheels" in family portraits. (This one was taken way back last Fall, before Clinton was born, and while Richard was running around with friends and not posing with the family.)

Trevor has survived many cuts, scrapes, and bruises for the cause of the sport, but he had never actually broken a bone. The inevitable was bound to happen, sometime... Trevor was riding with some friends at his local skate park, last week, when it finally occurred. He broke his left arm.

When he texted me, all he said was, "I broke my arm." I knew, without asking, how it had happened. We had all been waiting for it, after all. I just asked him if the trick was worth it, and he said, "No, it was a trick I've done 1,000 times."

I, of course, then asked, "Did you at least impress the girl??" His simple response: "Nope."

Poor Trevor. I'm not sure if there were no girls around, or if his girl just simply wasn't impressed by a basic trick gone bad, but he wasn't kidding. It's definitely broken.

He snapped his radius clean in half. Such a severe break, in fact, that he had to have surgery to correct it.

He was in surgery for over three hours, yesterday. The doctor said that most of that time was spent maneuvering around nerves and tendons to get to the bone without further damage, and the surgery went as well as he had hoped it would.

They had to put a metal plate in his arm with five screws. (I believe, the surgeon wanted to have three above and three below the break, but there wasn't enough room between the break and the elbow to put more than two.) If I understand it correctly, the plate is permanent.

Cool battle wound.

Even though the failed trick didn't impress any girls, maybe he'll be able to impress all the ladies in the future by setting off metal detectors with his bare hands!! That's my brother!


Bryan said...

OOOHH, Mom looks mad in that hospital picture...

Anonymous said...

this is me commenting on your blog, because you made me

Cristin Claire said...

Awe, poor thing! I bet he and Walt would be good friends!

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