Thursday, August 13, 2009

No Turning Back

The invitations have been sent. Heather's mom spent countless hours beautifully calligraphying each outer and inner envelope. They are flawless!

Heather gathered some bridesmaid troops earlier this week to assemble, stuff, stamp, and mail them. We braved the terrible heat and humidity at 10:00 in the evening to mail them from a local mail box, ASAP.

They're out. The wedding's officially on. There's no turning back now... (Well, there technically could be, but that's not as dramatic to say. Besides, we all know that there won't be.) We're all counting down until the wedding, and glad to be one step closer!

Brad and I have actually already received our formal invitation. As soon as I saw it in the mailbox, I felt bad for costing my future-sister-in-law $1.05 in postage. Why, oh why didn't I just bring it home with me that night?

Oh well. Real mail is always nice. Especially when it says "Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Mehaffey" in that stunning, handwritten script!

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