Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Starting to Sprinkle

Summer has brought with it some showers - bridal showers, that is! Matthew and Heather will (finally) tie the knot next month, and shower season has officially begun!

To kick off the tradition of gift-giving the newlyweds, some of Heather's best friends at church threw her a Kitchen Shower late last month. (That same night, the guys through Matthew a "Man Shower," but I wasn't there, and my husband didn't take pictures, so there will be no blog post about the tools he received. Sad, I know.) The girls cleverly decorated the house with kitchen aprons and oven mitts and provided some of Heather's favorite snack foods, including fruit, devil's food cupcakes, sausage balls, chips and queso dip, and pigs in blankets. Yum!

Heather was showered with wonderful kitchen must-haves all night long. She received plates, glasses, a spice rack, bakeware, storage containers, a basket full of miscellaneous essentials (utensils, Ziploc bags, dish soap, sponges, etc), decorative items, special recipes from her Mama, and, of course, her very own apron.

She was completely showered with love by some of us who love her most. Here's the whole gang (minus Beth and Baby Adley who had to leave early). Notice how we (accidentally) left a perfect space for Bobby Brown to join us!

The bride-to-be with her wonderful hostesses, Megan, Cristin and Gena.

With barely a month to go before the Big Day, she's anticipating a few more showers with different groups of friends and family. Oh the benefits of marrying your love. Besides, you know, marrying your love.

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