Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just the three of us

As I mentioned before, Brad and I went on a little (7-mile) hike over Labor Day weekend at the Savage Gulf in the Cumberland Plateau. It was a little over an hour away, but it was totally worth the drive to share this experience with each other. (Besides, Brad let me listen to two different Taylor albums the whole way there and back. Holla!)

The weather was absolutely beautiful, and some of the trees were even starting to change and their leaves falling! I couldn't believe the look and feel and even smell of Autumn already!

We spent  hours just walking through nature together. Of course, we took advantage of God's special photo ops at every chance.

There is this little crack in the earth called the Stone Door. Rumor has it, the Indians used to travel this course to transport food, water, and supplies from one end of the gulf to the other, since its natural steps were the only path connecting the top of the bluff with the bottom.

The view from the top was incredible. The Cumberland Plateau is funny, because it really does look like God just chopped the tops off of a bunch of mountains.

More of the beautiful view over the canyon.

You know we had to take a million pictures of ourselves (with a little help from some nice strangers).

Seriously, there were cliffs and ledges everywhere. Some of them were absolutely terrifying to be near. There were no rails or anything. We were just supposed to be responsible enough to be careful. Yikes.

Brad packed us a little lunch that we ate on top of the cliff. It was the best view we've ever had at a meal. (Even if it was super cold out there in the wide open with no forest to block the wind.)

Brad searched all day for a suitable walking stick, and it wasn't until there were only twenty minutes left in our hike that he found a perfect one. But don't worry, he spent plenty of breaks "whittling" sticks with his knife. I guess boys just do some boy things that I'll never understand...

Overall, it was a terrific day with my favorite man, surrounded by God's glory and presence through His creation. The scenery was breathtaking, the photo ops were lots of fun, and the hours of undivided attention allowed for some really great conversations and discussions.

I really enjoy times when it's just the Three of us.

PS. I know some of those collages make the individual pictures pretty small, but you can click on them and they'll enlarge. You can even click on it again to zoom in if you're just dying to see our faces even closer up!


Amy said...

Looks like a really fun day!

Bryan said...

hiking is awesome. Glad you two can enjoy it together

Erin Howell said...

What a fun way to spend the weekend. :)


beautiful! wish j and i had taken more opportunities to do things like this!

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