Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Au Naturel

In case you haven't noticed, I've decided to go Au Naturel. I'm no longer spending all that time blowdrying and straightening my hair in the mornings. I figure it's time to embrace what God has given me, and let the curls loose.

It's new for me. Not just letting them flow, but actually having the curls, at all. My hair has always been straight as a board. When I was a little girl, I could just comb it after the shower and walk to school with it wet, and it'd eventually dry nice and straight all on its own. However, as I got older, I started blowdrying my hair in order to be more presentable. Around college time, I noticed that it was getting frizzy.

Thanks to that frizz, I've flat-ironed my hair every morning for years and years. It started out only being necessary in my bangs, then the frizz worked its way around my face, and it wasn't too long until I needed to tackle my entire head with the hair straightener. While it was definitely annoying to have to go through so much work to make it look decent, I never really thought much of it. It was just the way my hair acted.

That was until we got rained on over a year ago. With no comb handy to go through it, and no way of drying it, within minutes it scrunched right up into little waves with such ease that you'd have thought it was trained to do just so. I was shocked. Whose hair was this on my head??

 I've spent the last year in denial, still drying and straightening it each morning. (FYI, I'm a creature of habit and generally don't easily embrace change.) But I've had about enough of that. The constant heat was really damaging my hair; the time that the primping consumed started to get on my nerves; and fighting with the Southern summer humidity that was counteracting all my hard work was simply driving me crazy.

So, there ya have it. In an effort to accept who God has made me, and an attempt to look more like my girl crush, Taylor Swift, and to enable me to be lazy and enjoy 20 more minutes of sleep in the morning, I now have wavy hair. As an added bonus, when I don't feel like messing with it at all, I can just throw it up in a ponytail, and with one or two strategically placed bobby pins,  the waves make it look like an updo I spent all kinds of time on! Sneaky holla!

It's different every day, because it never really does the same thing twice. And I'm sure I'll still straighten it occasionally. But, from here on out, the waves will be the norm rather than the exception. It's kind of like a whole new hair 'do, only for free! Sweet deal.


Amy Tilt said...

Very cute. Sometimes I leave it curly and sometimes I leave it straight. Its nice to have the option.:)

Kristen said...

Yea, pictures! Cute! Glad you discovered it and can have 20 extra minutes of sleep. =)

Mom said...

WOW - where did those waves come from?

Dad said...

I LOVE IT!! Taylor Swift, WATCH OUT!!

Jamie Frankum said...

So definitely understand the wavy hair/ curls. I get so tired of taking time to blow dry and then straighten my hair. When you see me with curly hair, that means either a) it's raining or humid and there's no point for me to straighten it or b) I'm to lazy to do all the work. haha. Love the waves/curls though. :)

The Confer's said...

After I had my boys mine has become very curly too!



MIndy Im so glad you are embracing your curls! TAke it from a straight haired (forever unfortunately) girl that you are a lucky chica! Curls are so cute and they look great on you! And at least you get the option of curls, there are those of us that have had to embrace our forever straight hair, even though we go through moments of denial too and spend an hour curling our hair to no avail. Its flat within 10 minutes!. Oh and you look so much like your momma in those pics! Cant wait to see you in your curls.

Darlene said...

cute! the best part about going curly or having curls is that you can do the straight thing OR the curly. Women love changing their minds, right????

emily said...

LOVE your're so beautiful! :)

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