Thursday, September 16, 2010

Puppy Pics

We all know that Chester is the cutest and smartest and sweetest and overall best dog in America. That's a given. But wait until you see these puppy pictures I came across recently! They're from 2006, about a month after we got him. I remember, at the time, being sad that we didn't get any pictures of him "as a puppy" and he was "all big and grown up already." Wow, was I ever wrong! He's such a baby! I do wish, however, that we had gotten some pics of him when we very first got him, and he was small enough to sit in Brad's hands.

(Yeah, I know, we were babies, too. This was a year after we got married, and a month after we graduated from college and moved to Nashville on our own to pursue "adulthood.")

I can't believe how stinking cute he was as a puppy! Admit it. You've fallen in love with him all over again, haven't you? I know my heart's a-meltin'.

He might be bigger now, and all grown up, but that yellow squeaky guy will forever be his toy of choice, and he definitely still loves to sit on my lap. Oh, who am I kidding? No matter how big Chester gets, he'll always be my little baby!


Lindsey said...

Oh I love little Chester! Also, I'm glad to see you were rocking the wife haircut back then :)

Amy Tilt said...

He is so cute and all three of ya'll are grow'n up! We all forget how cute they were! Molly was super cute!

emily said...

oh wow! you guys are babies, too! :)

chess is soooo cute!

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