Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March Happiness

I don't usually care anything about sports. I kind of enjoy the Super Bowl, but let's face it; I care more about the commercials than the game itself. However, this year, I totally got involved in the NCAA championship. Check me out!

I joined Brad and the gang in the March Madness hoop-lah. (Ha, see what I did there?) Under his excellent tutelage (aka, extensive knowledge of team colors and mascots), I filled out my own bracket with well informed decision making skills. (Dogs always beat cats, duh...) And would ya guess what! I came in second, over all!! (If UConn hadn't made it to the final, I woulda been tied with Kris for first. So close!) Holla!

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And furthermore, the girls at work created our own bracket. We were intimidated by the main "work pool" that actual sports fans joined, even paying the entry fee of $5 and earning a little prize in the end. But, since we didn't care enough to actually put money on it, we decided to just do our own fun one. Now, granted, the competition in this bracket wasn't quite as steep as the other one (no offense, girls), but seeing as how I filled out the whole thing by randomly clicking boxes within a 3 minute period, I'm still pretty stoked about my first place ranking!

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Perhaps I'm a sports-lovin' gal afterall! Maybe basketball is actually "my thing." Well, maybe only comparing colors and mascots during the month of March, actually. I mean, it seems as though I'm pretty much a pro at it. Jussayin...

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Hilary said...

haha, go you! That's so lucky that you picked the right teams. I like football, but I can't stand watching bball on tv. I like playing it and I enjoy a live game, but on tv? Nooo way! :)

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