Friday, April 8, 2011

Working while intaxicated

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With the tax deadline only a week away, work has gotten pretty wild. Lots of long hours and late nights. Around 9:00 last night one of our partners was belting out "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town" at the top of his lungs while he poured over a return. When I asked him why he was singing Christmas carols in April (besides the fact that all things Christmas are awesome, duh), he frantically responded "because that's just how far behind I am!" with a big chuckle and a crazy look in his eyes. Oh dear. I believe the unexpected increased length of time for the big office reconstruction has put a few of our accountants behind a little more than desired. Oops.

Luckily, at this point at least, we seem to all still be in the delirious stage of sleep deprivation and over exhaustion. (Or what I like to call inTAXication.) I fear that next week we'll all be in the cranky phase. Yikes. Consider yourselves warned.

The last couple of tax seasons, I have literally lost my voice from talking to so many clients as they either come into the office or call in, combined with the extremely late nights of preparing returns. I'll be sure to increase my Vitamin C intake this time around. By the third year through, I should know better. Wish me luck!


emily said...

Hang in there Mindy Lynn!!!!! Cute title :)

emily j said...

love you! hang in there! tax season almost done!

Sharon said...

Soon.. it will be done with soon.


Ok your office sounds crazy but also fun. Id crack up laughing if one of the drs started singing int he back office. When they get behind, they just get cranky. :) Glad you made it through!

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