Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Could Do This In My Sleep

We're super busy. My desk is piled high with returns to mail out and others to keep here to be picked up by the clients. In the midst of all of the crazy workload, I'm still exhausted. You'd think the multiple tasks, phone calls, and clients constantly parading in and out of the office would keep me nice and alert. You'd be wrong.

Here I am, accidentally dozing off for just a split second. The phone rings for the bazillionth time today.

"Frasier, Dean and Howard, this is Mindy. How may I help you?" spoken in my sleep. (I say it often enough...)

Then I hear, as if through water, "Hi Mindy. This is Jane Doe. Could I please speak with Mr. Accountant?"

I answer, "Just a moment," but it comes out all muffled. After the words miraculously come out of my mouth on their own, more by habitual reaction than true response, I was confused about what to do next. It took me a second to relive the groggy conversation before I could transfer the call to the correct employee.

Oh goodness. This can't be good.

But, I guess I'm so awesome at this job that I could literally do it in my sleep. Sweet.

And besides, being zoned out for one out of a bazillion calls can't be too bad, right?...


Jay Arnett said...

Great story. I think it really captures your unique je ne sais quoi.

And I approve of the conclusion you reached at the end.

Hang on! YOU'LL MAKE IT!!

mllsecretary said...

Mindy honey, you really should get some sleep.

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