Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Eggstravaganza

Brad and I celebrated Easter the old-fashioned way, this year - quietly at home with our own little family. Well, we did enjoy a great Easter service at church Sunday morning, and we did join a family for lunch afterward. But, when it came down to the actual Easter celebration, we did it all on our own.

Since I didn't think Chester would be very interested in finding eggs, he was spoiled with his very own Easter Treat Hunt. He was extremely interested in finding his Scooby Snacks! Brad had to hold him captive while I hid his treats. With his hound dog senses, he sniffed out those treats in no time. It really wasn't fair
Afterward, Brad and I colored our own Easter eggs. We, of course, used the vinegar solution to insure the very brightest colors. Look how vibrant they turned out! My favorite were the "secret sayings." I loved writing with that clear crayon. It was like magic how the invisible wax showed up after they were dyed

However, it turns out that I was a little mistaken about Chester not being interested in the eggs. When I set them up on our fire hearth, it was nearly impossible to keep him from investigating these strange decorations. He licked one and got a little sticker stuck to his nose. Before I could get a hilarious picture of it, he had licked it off of his nose and got it stuck on his tongue. You should have seen him going crazy trying to get it off! It was more entertaining than a dog eating peanut butter. Finally, I forced his mouth open and peeled the sticker off of his tongue. How in the world did it even get stuck on such a wet surface? Who knows. But, I think he learned his lesson...

Over all, it was a pretty successful Easter. We're still munching on the Bunny's treats.

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