Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cookout of the Century

To celebrate the first Saturday after Tax Season, Brad and I had a group of friends over for a cookout. We're always looking for an excuse to give ol' Weber a workout, and we've been needing to show off our new house for a while, now. So we invited a few of our friends that we love lots, but don't get to see as often as we'd like over in order to kill two birds with one stone.

Even though it was a little challenging for Brad to leave the lid on the grill instead of continually checking on the meat, the boys cooked the hamburgers (er, cheeseburgers) and hot dogs to perfection. Much thanks goes to his friends who offered the encouragement and support to be patient, that he needed in order to accomplish this tricky task.

We all littered our back yard with camping chairs as we lounged and visited over the greatest cookout ever - complete with the main meat items and all the toppings, as well as baked beans, cole slaw, potato salad, mac 'n cheese, and chips and dip along with Southern Sweet Tea, pink lemonade, and Ko Koler. (That's Southern for Coca Cola, for you Yankees.)

It's still early enough in the season that no bugs bugged us, and the weather was perfect, even though the weatherman forecasted some rain that evening. Once the sun went down, we did need to whip out a few blankets for all of us cold-natured girls, however.

But the small chill in the air didn't stop us from enjoying Adam's incredible milkshakes! He made regular vanilla and chocolate and then wow'd us with Reeses and Snickers variations. Talk about Yum! The perfect way to finalize a perfect cookout.

Oh, and look at the adorable kids that we got to play with all evening. Love them so much! Also, look at Emily's future baby!! So excited about the Big News! Yahoo!


Mike and Katie said...

I was here! Thanks for commenting on my blog.


Bryan said...

making me hungry for grill stuff. I'm grilling tomorrow! Got any good recipes?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a ton of fun. Thanks for all your support (you know what I mean). Can I teach Brad how to cook an olive burger for you? (if confused, ask your mom)

Glad you survived tax season and you and Brad can play a little more.

-Mark (from Michigan)

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