Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rallying the Troops

Prayers for Stellan

Please join me as I pray for baby Stellan. He's a precious 5-month-old who is very sick with a critical heart condition. He's been in the hospital for nearly two weeks struggling to have a normal heart beat. I have been a regular reader of MckMama's blog since Stellan nearly perished in the womb this past summer. Readers all over the globe joined forces as they stormed Heaven's gates in prayer for the unborn Stellan, and the Lord healed him completely. Stellan was born full-term and completely healthy, contrary to what all of the doctors (sadly) assured would happen.

The same heart defect that Stellan had in the womb has returned. And we need even more prayer warriors to battle together for Stellan's little life. Our God is BIG, and He can do all things. We are all confident that Stellan is a miracle baby, and that our Lord has plans for his existence. Whether He brings Stellan safely Home, or heals his tiny heart, let's just pray that it is done quickly and easily. This whole situation is so difficult for MckMama and her family (three other children four-years-old and younger). We can make a difference with our petitions in prayer on their behalf.

Here is a news article from their local news, yesterday, if you are interested in an overview of the current crisis. Or you can just check out her blog for the whole situation and frequent updates. Please, please, please help save this little boys life - again.

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