Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cicada Invasion 2011

Have the cicadas begun their ruthless dominion where you are?

This is the first time (that I can remember) when Music City, in its entirety, has been constantly simultaneously serenaded by the same musical tune: the rhythmic waves of the cicadas' song. Seriously, they're so loud that we can easily hear them indoors and over all the other random noises of daily life.

Some people are celebrating the fleeting lives of the insects by wearing shirts to honor their once-in-a-13-year-span visit. These people are weird.

The rest of us are frantically joining the "Swat Team" and trying to avoid the plague of red-eyed monsters at all cost.
I've all but succumbed to their temporary takeover. I have no resistance in me, only survival instincts at play. I stay inside and keep the windows shut. All urges to drive with my car windows down in order to enjoy the warm weather have been unceremoniously disregarded due to giant cicadas filling every open crack in the(ir) world. Convertibles are just plain dangerous.

The cicadan buzz, while surprisingly audible, isn't really what bothers me; it simply reminds me of summers of yore, when smaller broods have been around. Instead, it's their overwhelming presence in and of itself. I unashamedly panic when they inevitably dive bomb me on the rare occasions that I subject myself to "their territory" (read: walking to my car from inside, or inside from my car). And the crunchy shells scattered everywhere and attached to everything is super gross. I'm kind of ready to see clear skies again, rather than observing the random flights of thousands of bugs. Ew.

What about you? Are you for or against the 13-year-cicadas? They really do no harm. They don't bite or sting or anything like that. I mean, you could really look at them as a tale of tragic love: they wait over a decade before emerging from their slumber simply to find a mate  and die. Sad and romantic, maybe.

Yeah, maybe if they weren't so creepy...


Jamie Frankum said...

Well, 13 years ago I didn't mind them b/c I was 16 and chased my "guy" friends with them b/c they were scared. Now, it's annoying. They are so loud it hurts my ears. They really don't do any harm besides 'bug' people! haha. Those t-shirts are hilarious that you found. Thanks for sharing!

Dad said...

I can hear that HORRENDOUS noise all the way up here in Indiana...and I only have one good ear! Start playing "Beethoven's 9th" as loud as you can. Either they will shut up to listen, or they will try to "sing along". Either way is better than now. :)

Laura C. said...

Oh the Cicada's! I was about to post on those myself but will probably save it for Luke-- they've flown in his car a few times and he's had some dangerous run ins with 'em. They don't bother me that much until they attach themselves to my ankle. I'm just thankful it's every 13 years we have to deal with them. EEK. I REALLY like that poster though. Fancy.

Kimberly Washer said...

Word on the street...if you find a blue eyed cicada you can take it to vanderbilt and they'll pay $5000for it. Supposedly those are super rare, but who knows we might stumble upon one some day!

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