Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kickball Wars

Brad and I participated in a pretty brutal game of kickball on Memorial Day. The teams were definitely hard core.

My team dubbed ourselves The Cicadas, since we were everywhere and unstoppable. Baby Harper was our secret weapon.

The temperature was literally 100 degrees, and we were all roasting in the midday sun. It felt like the game lasted roughly 3 years and consisted of approximately 75 innings, but I think it was actually only 11 innings by the end of it. We called it a truce with a tied score of  2 to 2. (The minimal runs simply demonstrate the extreme  pro-ness of our defenses.)

Take a minute to enjoy our totally legit basekickball cards.

Yeah, I told you we were pretty hard core.

We had a really great time playing and goofing around with our friends, and the constant consumption of watermelon helped us survive the blazing sun. Also, I'm proud to notify you all that I never Charlie Browned the ball, and I even made it safely to base, twice! (Once, even to second!) You better believe I did a mighty fine victory dance to celebrate.

However, if you're wondering, yes, I am very sore after such athletic activities. This ole body just ain't used to all that running and kicking. And furthermore, yes, Brad and I are both sunburnt. I at least put on some sunscreen. Brad, on the other hand, decided to be macho and declined the protective lotion. (Read: is lobster red.)

I'm anxious to hear about your Memorial Day festivities. Did you have a great extended weekend? Enjoy some time outside? Increase your watermelon consumption by 100%? Or other things even more awesome?


Dad said...

WOW! I never knew you were an Olympic caliber kickball player! What a great way to spend Memorial Day!

Ruth Fox said...

I love this so much!!! What fun!!! I love the cards...AWESOME!!!

walt said...

hahahaha this is amazing!!! so much fun!! missing my little kickball buddy this week! hope you're having a great one!

Brittany said...

The cards Rule!

Pam said...

AWESOME! Ok, love the picture of Harper eating watermelon. :)

Kimberly Washer said...

Those really are some hardcore cards!!! How did you do that?? We were in Chicago in the freezing cold for Memorial Day weekend so no sunburn here :).

Jake Roberts said...

Those cards are freakin' awesome. I remember the Topps cards with the wood paneling for the background, and especially the Donruss cards with the spots everywhere. Couldn't beat the Upper Deck's with the holograms though, those were premo.

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