Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NEXT Month!!

Now that it's June, we can finally say that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 comes out next month! To whet our appetite, the Harry Potter facebook page has been releasing some new character posters for the final film, each accompanied by its associated captions. Oh, I'm so excited!!

"I never wanted any of you to die for me."

"We can end this."

"We wouldn't last two days without her."

"Join me, and confront your fate."
"Don't you understand? I have to do this."

"It's Harry Potter. He's all bright, and shiny, and new again, just in time for the Dark Lord."
I'm especially anxious to watch the stories of the following two characters unfold in this final movie!!

 Snape will finally be understood.
"Has it ever crossed your brilliant mind that I don't want to do this anymore?"
And Neville finally gets his moment of glory! Here's the hero featured with the Sword of Gryffindor!  {I ♥ Neville!!}
"Dumbledore's Army is supposed to be about doing something real."
Oh my goodness, I can hardly stand the excitement! I'm going to burst. And for some further icing on the HP cake, they've also released two new TV spots to go along with the main trailer.

The film isn't even rated yet?? Holy cow. It's going to be so intense!!!

I can't believe this is the last month that the world will ever be without the complete Harry Potter [movie] series. I hope we're up for it. There's no going back. Honestly, this planet doesn't even know what's about to hit it. (Well, unless, of course, they've read the story. Which I hope they all have, because they'd love it!...)



Kristen said...

We've been having some HP marathons in the last few weeks. I've totally been enjoying it and getting really excited for the last one! Sigh! I even found a recipe for butterbeer a few days ago...I think I might have to try it sometime soon! =)

Hilary Anna said...

alright, it's official, we are the SAME person. I swear. I started thinking we were alike when you were posting about Tswift (LOVE that girl!) but now Harry Potter? AWESOME! I can't be more excited for the finale! I've read all the books (I was one of those people who ordered the book before it was released and then didn't eat, sleep, or shower once it was in my hands).

My younger brother and sister have always loved the movies but never read the books (I think they missed the book hype because they were younger.) So I downloaded the audio version of the last book and we listened to it. We finally finished it recently, right in time for the final film. They couldn't be more excited to see it! They also said that they liked the book more than the movies (I totally agree!)

Welp, sorry for basically taking up the whole page with my comment! I am just SO excited for this last movie, and your post brought it out of me :)

Mindy said...

Hilary! It is so great to "meet" you! I'm so glad you stumbled upon my blog. If you love TSwift AND HP, then we pretty much ARE soulmates.

I've never listened to any of the audio books, but I've heard such great things about them. I didn't know you could download them. I might have to try that.

I, too, bought book 7 at midnight and didn't finish reading until I had finished the entire story, sobs and all. I've read it 3 times now (the whole series pre-7 about 6 times) and still realize I've forgotten so much stuff from reading it through so quickly!

Thanks for your comment. I look forward to being bloggy friends. :)

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