Tuesday, June 21, 2011

They said, "I Do."

Jeremy and Madison are married! The last Mehaffey son has officially acquired the last Mrs. Mehaffey of our generation. They tied the knot on June 4, 2011 at Camp Dixie near Chattanooga. Everything was absolutely wonderful.

The wedding jumped right out of a storybook and took place in the shade of a giant tree overlooking the lake. It was truly breathtaking.

Thanks to their awesome and super speedy photographer, we already have access to all of their professional wedding pictures! Each of the photos featured in this post are courtesy of Justin Wright Photography.

The whole bridal party

Heather and I were honored to be two of her bridesmaids. (Or would we technically be considered bridematrons?) Even though it was pretty hot outside, the pictures on the dock were totally worth it. (BTW, aren't the dresses awesome? They are from Target, and I've totally already warn mine again! A bridesmaid's dream come true!)

Brad and Matthew were also included among Jeremy's groomsmen. Aren't they all so handsome? (Likewise, Jeremy chose the purchase of suits rather than the rental of tuxes, so the guys could keep and wear them again in the future. Such a considerate bride and groom!)

The Mehaffey men and the Mehaffey women.

All of the Mehaffey siblings and the whole Mehaffey family, finally complete. (Well, pre-children-complete, anyway.)

Their wedding cake was literally a piece of art. We stared at it forever, trying to take in every little detail. And the groom's cake perfectly represented Jeremy's nerdiness as a personalized computer replica, complete with binary code for "4 Ever." So clever! (And delicious!)

They decorated with gorgeous flower arrangements and provided the wedding programs in the form of fans to help cool off their guests while sitting in the warm weather during the ceremony. They also gifted everyone with some of Madison's world family famous homemade jam with an inscription saying "Love will get you out of a jam!" (I may have stolen a couple jars. Shh...)

No Mehaffey wedding reception is complete without fools on the dance floor, and this one was no exception. After eating a wonderful meal and drinking sweet tea out of mason jars, we all got jiggy wit it, old skool and had the time of our lives with those we love the most.

At the end of the evening, the newlyweds exited through a shower of sparkles...

...and they made their romantic departure upon a boat, crossing the lake on their way to Cancun into their new, blessed lives together.

We are so excited to welcome Madison into our family. She is perfect for our brother, and I know their love for each other will only grow over the years. God's blessings never cease.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Mehaffey!


Madison Mehaffey! said...

Thanks Mindy!! So happy to be joining this awesome fam! P.S. didn't that pic of the Mehaffey siblings look seriously awesome?! I love it so much!

Heather said...

I'm so happy to have you in the family Maddie! We are complete! You are the perfect addition to our family! I think the three of us are an incredible threesome that the world should watch out for! I don't think these boys could pick better gals to marry!

P.S. I simply adore that first pic of you two Maddie, its amazing! As are all of Justin's pics...he did a fabulous job! And YES, the pic of us Mehaffey kids is seriously awesome!

Love you both! Glad to be a Mrs. Mehaffey with you!

Pam said...

Wow, that is a seriously beautiful, creative wedding. And, bridesmaids dresses from Target?! Best Bride Ever! You guys all look so sweet. Love it!! Congrats Jeremy and Madison!

Kimberly Washer said...

What a beautiful wedding and couple!! That's so fun when you can get along and even love your in-laws!!!! Have a fun together!!

Michael & Virginia said...

I was there and it was amazing -- but somehow, your blog and selection of photos did the whole wedding even more justice! Awesome!

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