Monday, June 27, 2011

The Only One

You know what I really like about being married to Bradley?

He's the only one that gets to:
  • dance with me at weddings
  • see me without a bit of makeup on
  • touch my feet
  • keep me safe during scary movies and suspenseful TV shows
  • tickle me, even though it drives me nuts
  • play with my hair
  • help me decide what to wear
  • wrap his arms around my waist
  • surprise me with awesome dates
  • know all of my fears and insecurities
  • taste all of my cooking
  • see me sweat
  • hear every detail of my stories
  • toss me a new roll of toilet paper
  • call our future daughter "Annie" (her middle name will be Ann)
  • be called my husband
And I'm the only one that's privileged enough to:
  • rest my head on his shoulder
  • share his dreams for our future
  • have his children
  • hold his hand at the park
  • know what he's really thinking
  • feel his whiskers on my cheek
  • share his dessert
  • be a witness to his vulnerability
  • bring him his towel when he's in too big of a hurry to remember one
  • tug on his suspenders each week (he instituted suspender-Mondays at his office)
  • cuddle with him on the couch
  • fold his undies
  • see his handsome face first thing when I wake up
  • brush my teeth at the same sink as him
  • feel him twitch as he falls asleep (a personal favorite of mine)
  • be called his wife
I wouldn't change it for anything.


Erin Howell said...

Ok I love this picture of you guys! So fun! and I'm still loving the hair. :) Sweet post. Miss you Mehaffeys!

Hilary Anna said...

this is so adorable. You guys have been married for 5 years? How old were you when you got married? High School Sweethearts are the BEST. Still dating my highschool sweetheart too! <3

Ashley said...

WEll, isn't that a sweet list. Love it! Yall are precious!

Melissa Menley said...

Love this!

Pam said...

Happy. :)

Kimberly Washer said...

Gary twitches when he's falling asleep too!! I ask him all the time if there's anything that I do when I fall asleep and his response is, "I'm usually already asleep." I know I've fallen asleep before him, but I think he just doesn't pay attention. HEHE. Sweet list!!

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